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Family Residence by Investment

EUR +250 000


Austria’s Business Investor

Residency Program enables third-country individuals to obtain a residence permit in Austria when establishing and investing in their own or majority-owned business.


Differentlt to the other European countries Austria RBI program uses legal possibilities, which allow investors and entrepreneurs investing in their own company in Austria to receive an Austrian Red-White-Red Card work for self-employed key workers.

The residence permit in Austria will be granted for two year and has to be renewed thereafter.

The applicant has to renew the residence permit on a yearly basis, along with providing proof of their business’ stability and growth.

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Permanent immigration

Third country nationals, i.e. persons, who are not EEA citziens or Swiss nationals, need a residence permit for Austria, when they plan to stay longer than six months. There are different types of residence permits. You can read about it on the following pages.

For stays up to six months third country nationals do not need a residence permit. They need a visa. For stays up to 90 days within 180 days a visa is not required for some third country nationals (depending on their citizenship).

Criteria-based Immigration to Austria - Red-White-Red Card


You are a qualified worker and citizen of a third country (a country outside the EU) seeking to live and work in Austria? In this case you need the Red-White-Red Card. Your family members can apply for the Red-White-Red Card plus (please refer to the chapter on family reunification).

The Red-White-Red Card is issued for a period of 24 months and entitles you as the holder to fixed-term settlement and employment by the employer specified in your application.

You are eligible for a Red-White-Red Card if you belong to one of the following groups:

General Requirements for Issuing Residence Permits

The authorities may only grant you a residence title if you meet the following requirements:

Adequate means of subsistence


You have to have a fixed and regular personal income enabling you to cover your living costs without resorting to welfare aid from local authorities. At the time of application the regular monthly income must be equal to the equalisation supplement reference rate (Ausgleichszulagenrichtsatz) of the General Social Insurance Act (Allgemeines Sozialversicherungsgesetz - ASVG).


Equalisation supplement reference rate since 1st of January 2022:

  • For singles: € 1,030.49

  • For couples: € 1,625.71

  • For each child additionally € 159.00


Proof of social benefits which you are entitled to only after your residence permit has been granted (welfare benefits or equalisation supplements in particular) is not factored in.

More information in german language can be found there: Informationsbroschüre über die Unterhaltsberechnung


When applying for a Red-White-Red Card or a Blue Card EU, make sure to take note of the special requirements concerning your income according to “Act Governing the Employment of Foreign Nations”. There is no proof of income necessary according to Settlement and Residence Act” 

Health Insurance Coverage


For your stay in Austria, you must have health insurance coverage which provides benefits in Austria and covers all risks. If you are insured in the public social insurance system (e.g. you are employed in Austria), this coverage is sufficient.

Adequate Accommodation


You have to provide evidence of a legal title to locally customary accommodation (e.g. by providing a lease contract), considered adequate for your family size.

In applications for the following residence permits no proof of adequate accommodation is required (but the monthly costs for the accommodation have to be taken into account in calculating adequate means of subsistence where those are required).

  • Red-White-Red Card

  • Blue Card

  • Settlement permit Researcher and Researcher-Mobility

  • Settlement permit for extended family members of EEA nationals or Swiss nationals

  • Student

  • ICT and mobile ICT

  • Volunteers

An accommodation free of charge, which can be revoked at any time without a notice period, does not meet this requirement, since no legal title to accommodation is constituted.
Proof of secure means of subsistence and the right to accommodation can be provided by a third party’s liability declaration, as far as this option is expressly provided for.

No threat to public order or security

Your stay must not be contrary to public order or public security or substantially affect Austria's relations with other countries.

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Austria Citizenship by Investment Schme



Although there is no official Citizenship by Investment Programme, the Austrian government is permitted to grant citizenships to investors who contribute an extraordinary contribution into the country.

Austria is considered one of the most stable countries in the world and boasts a high standard of living. It has a world-class capital Vienna, with a rich cultural and historic heritage. An excellent place to establish residence within the EU, Austria is the only Western European country that offers the possibility to obtain citizenship by investment and an EU passport without prior residence requirements. Austrian passport is a symbol that represents a level of prestige and stability that is unmatched by any other economic citizenship available today.


The reality is that we live in an unpredictable and rapidly changing world – from global economic meltdowns to governments imposing unjust regulations. Until today, on an economic level, Austria has remained largely unscathed. 



Austria, officially known as the Republic of Austria, is a landlocked East Alpine country in Central Europe. Renowned for its rich cultural, historic and musical heritage (home to Mozart and Beethoven), breathtaking alpine peaks and a beautiful countryside, it is not a mystery why tourism makes up around 10% of the Austrian economy.


On a geo-political level, the country has maintained a very good global reputation because of its neutral political position and skilful foreign policy – playing a pivotal role in the support of building peace, stability, and prosperity within the European Union.

  • visa-free or visa on arrival access to more than 188 countries

  • inclusion of family members

  • well-established and high-quality healthcare and education

  • high standard of living and life satisfaction

  • no residency requirements

  • the full rights to live, work, study and settle in any European country



In the absence of specific laws for Citizenship by Investment, Austria uses Article 10, Section 6 of its Citizenship Act to enable the government to award foreigners with an Austrian citizenship for contributing an “extraordinary merit”. Though “extraordinary merit” is an undefined legal term, in general, extraordinary economic scientific, artistic, and extraordinary achievement in sport may qualify a foreigner. Agreement with the government is on a case-by-case basis.

If you feel that the Austrian citizenship might be right for you, please fill out the contact form for more information or to schedule your free consultation with one of our private advisors.

• Population: 8.8 million 
• Languages: English - German
• A substantial contribution to the Austrian economy
• Processing time varies per application but usually takes 24–36 months.

Investment Or Public Project Donation


To qualify, the investment should be in an active business or a donation to a public project, contributing significantly to the country's economy. Therefore, passive investments such as Government bonds, financial instruments or real estate do not qualify.
Qualifying investments usually amount from €800,000 to €10 million. They can take the form of a joint venture, direct investment in an active business that creates jobs significantly or introduces science and research or innovation technologies to Austria. It could also be a donation to a relevant public project.
Furthermore, the foreign national must have a significant influence over an entity with a strong economic performance and international reputation.

Under the Art 10. (6) of the Austrian Citizenship Act, Austrian Government may grant citizenship to foreign nationals in the case of extraordinary merit on a case-by-case basis.

The Act is aimed at high net-worth individuals who are willing to make investments that bring economic benefit to the country, such as an active business providing technology innovation, creating new jobs or contributing to the country's foreign trade, or a donation to a relevant public project.
The investment per se does not guarantee obtaining the citizenship, and the grant is at the sole discretion of the Government.



Solid Financial and Business Background.
CV including excellent references.
Approved investment and business by the Government.

The successful applicant receives full citizenship of the Republic of Austria, and the application for an Austrian passport can be lodged immediately. Austrian passports are valid for 10 years and are easily renewable at a nominal cost.

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