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75 rue Vasco de Gama 75015 Paris
+33-(0)6 34 10 54 47 / +33-(0)7 50 52 18 47
WeChat ID : parisneko
What'sApp : +33 750521847 
Head Office 
29 Boulevard Grande-Duchesse
Charlotte, 1331 Luxembourg 
partner : 58 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf,
London, E14 9TP 
* CITINAVI Global & Partners 
*New Delhi office 
Business,Tax,Advisory law firm
1309, Vikram Tower 
NEW DELHI-110008
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OVERSEES : 5F, No 463, Manhattan Plaza, East Nanjing Road, Huangpo District, Shanghai
上海市南京东路463号 曼克顿广场 5楼
*Ho Chi Minh City 
Bitexco Financial Tower, Floor 46, 2 Hai Trieu Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 
*Loutraki / Greece 
Club Hotel Casino Loutraki Poseidonos 48,Loutraki, 20300, Greece 
*Budapest / Hungary 
R70 Business Center Rakoczi ut 70-72,  1074 Budapest, Hungary
*Montenegro - Podgorica 
 Domenika law & real estate , Riga, Aristida Briana street 9a - 327, Latvia, LV-1001
* AMERICA Partners 
*Caribbean island states 
- Antigua Barbuda
  +268 462-5232/5233 Cort & Cort
- Grenada
  +1473 409 9409 Caribbean Standards
- St Kitts and Nevis
- Dominica
- Saint Luis

We work with the aim of promoting the benefits of professionally managed relocation and mobility services to HNWI and companies with globally mobile employees. The relocation-residency process is one of the most difficult times for an employee or family involving intense change on a work, life and cultural basis. Professional relocation suppliers not only save companies money, in that they have a far greater ability to accurately negotiate expenses on behalf of their clients, they also provide a seamless transition for the employee from one role to the next, promoting effective and swift productivity for the company.

We work with lawyers, immigration experts, certified consultants, business brokers & property agents in Europe, USA, Canada, UAE.

Partnerships with reputed law firms in Europe : France-Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Monaco. 

North America : USA, Canada

High net-worth individuals live in a world without borders. Investors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Managers are often looking for a passport that will allow them to travel freely, a safe country for themselves and their family, and an economic and legal environment that will allow them to strive with as little boundaries as possible. But most importantly, as parents, one sees the value of offering a brighter future and endless possibilities to their children. To these HNWI, we are here to listen, give individual solutions. Contact us and let’s see how we could help achieve your goals.




CITINAVI by The Consultant PARIS-Luxembourg focuses on individual solutions of  HNWI (high net worth individuals) and their families migrate to some of the world’s most welcoming, prosperous and safe countries through Investor Immigration Programs. We work with financial institutions and a network of international experts in immigration law to do the immigration process.

CITINAVI by The Consultant PARIS-Luxembourg is specialised in the global immigration arena, with over 26 years experience in Relocation administration services & Citizenship Programs.with worldwide partners specialists.

Primarily involved in relocation services of japanese-korean expats in the UK, France, Germany for two decades, company has gradually evolved into  asian solution provider of in global immigration matters.  We have been assisting Japan, China, India, Vietnam, UAE based business owners & professionals achieve their goals of settling in western countries based on investment.  We offer our clients a one stop shop for well developed multi-national, multi-program, multi faceted network of professional lawyers, financial consultants, management advisers & real estate experts around the globe.  When you make an individual appointment in your home country, you will be provided with ample references of our partners' track record of success in having assisted a number of clients settle in Europe, North america.

 Our core expertise  

  • Investment based solutions to obtain residency and citizenship in Europe, USA, Canada

  • Business setup solutions to obtain residency in Europe

  • Investment based  second citizenship & passport programs in Caribbean Island nations and Europe

  • Business setup solutions and residency services in United Arab Emirates

In many countries, we collaborate with global leading immigration network Henley & partners, Fragomen. Klasko law firm, Mandeville & Associates, Arton Capital and IMC members. In France we concentrate on investor immigration assistance in partnership with Mr. Jean François Di Chiara, former préfet, advocate. We mainly serve chinese-vietnamese-indian investors who wish to migrate out of mainland china-vietnam-india. However,  we have increasing number of clients from international markets to avail our services to set up companies and obtain residence visas for the investors and their families in Europe, UK, USA, Canada.  We work with carefully chosen professional partners offices in every country whose investment driven immigration programs we represent. 

Alternative residency & citizenship services

We are happy to work with many succssful clients who they can feel secure, protected, economically successful and can travel freely around the world with access to our investment opportunities, quality education for their children and premium healthcare in times of need.

CITINAVI by The Consultant PARIS-Luxembourg are experienced and collaborated with the partners, Global leaders in relocation, residence and citizenship planning. through the application processes required to achieve a successful outcome when seeking an alternate citizenship or residency.


Our global partners have extensive experience of working alongside private clients and their advisors and government ministries and agencies, which we are able to draw upon through our own network and our local professional partners that we work with in each of the countries.

Such services will include;
– Assisting with the application completion and the collation of supporting documentation


– Multi-lingual family relocation support.

– Providing individual solutions to translation and legal services, to include the legalization

   of documents.

– Review and submission of the applicant’s case file.

– Working with our local partners to optimize the documentation

– Support in meeting the investment and contribution requirements of each of the programs.

– Local real estate services for accompanied visits, the purchase/rental and management

   of property.

Managing director

Hyong-jin Kwon started his career in Relocation services for big japanese-korean companies in the UK and France, former publisher of japanese monthly magazine Paris-London, chinese monthly magazine in Paris and agent-publisher of 63 world cityguidebooks circulated on board of airlines-in japanese, korean and mandarin during 1992-2010 and he has served the relocation services of HNWI (high net worth indivisuals), companies in collaboration with local partners, lawyers, experts in Europe. His knowledge and understanding of regulatory frameworks and risk management is a key element when meeting the needs of high net worth individuals across multiple jurisdictions.

EB 5 Visa - Investor Visa USA - Ultimate Guide 2018

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Citinavi Pledge

Speed of Completion

Our partners network of lawyer, experts, consultants ensure the quickest turnaround from applications getting completed to being approved, shorter than any other firm in the industry. Our experience of handling over hundreds applications from over 22 countries means we work effectively.

Multi-language Services

Our team are European, UK & Indian-Chinese-Japanese-Korean-Vietnamese qualified and speak over 8 multi-languages, which means efficient due diligence in care and smooth customer experience that ensures you see no filing errors and delays on your application. 

Permanent Availability

Our worldwide clients need us to be available permanently in real time by mobile application, to answer their queries and support them in their document gathering. We have a dedicated client service approach to being available permanently when you need us most. 

Aftercare and travel

Our Relocation services, Global Residency & Citizenship programs are for life and will come with many questions and challenges. We won't leave you in the dark once you receive your residency or passports. Our aftercare service extends much further than just submitting your application and we help clients and travel questions permanently. We had published and updated 63 world cityguidebooks - 16 countries of 4 airlines.during past 1992-2010 This means that we are able to handle complex cases and answer concerns immediately.








“Global residency & citizenship program are possibly one of the most important decisions you are likely to make so it is essential you make the right choice in choosing a partner firm to help you and your family secure your residency or passports adequately and permanently.


There are many factors to consider carefully, other than just the cost of legal fees you pay or the country that you choose to go with.”


Hyong-Jin KWON

general manager

Ho Chi Minh

Abu Dhabi

Baku, Azerbaijan

Disclaimer : We are an independent consulting service provider with highly experienced lawyers & financial consultants on our panel to advise, prepare and assist our clients with all stages of business setup/investment facilitation and citizenship programs associated with such programs operated and authorized by the Governments of each country.

We provide you advice and assistance with various types of business setup/investments/skills in demand and assist you with application procedures and guide you how to effectively present your application to the Government authorities in a professional way as per their requirement and protocol. Lawyers, experts and certified consultants from respective country are on our panel and our partners to study and advise on each client file.


Every applicant has the right to submit his/her application directly to the concerned government departments or migration authorities if applicant is aware and confident of all protocol and steps involved. Your decision to hire our services for a fee is entirely at your discretion.

*CITINAVI has taken every possible effort to ensure that all information contained on this web site is accurate and correct. However, we exclude any liability for the accuracy of any data or other information contained here. In no instance can we be made liable for any damages resulting from the use of information contained on this web site.

Settlement Service (Paris-Luxembourg)


CITINAVI by The Consultant PARIS-Luxembourg

helps Immigrant Investors & Entrepreneurs settle in PARIS-Luxembourg. Upon their arrival with take it upon us to facilitate their relocation and protect their interest in face of new challenges.


CITINAVI by The Consultant PARIS-Luxembourg has for many years advise Japanese, Korean, Chinses, Vietnamese CEO, entrpreneurs, HNWI families on post-landing settlement services to Immigrant Investors and how to make their experience in Europe, USA more enjoyable and fruitful. 

Our service package can be customized and can be assisted in the client's language of choice.  

Settle in France & Luxembourg



All of our immigrant investors over the years experienced some-sort of hardship. All the administrative paperwork upon arrival, education for the children or housing solution; all of our clients found it difficult at the beginning. The language, the cultural difference, the approach to business, all these differences take time to understand. Too many have lost their wealth here because they didn't have the support and the tools to succeed in business. Paris-Luxembourg after BREXIT can be a truly advantageous city to live & invest in, we are ready to assist permanently for immigrant investors.



CITINAVI France & Luxembourg Settlement Service caters to Immigrant Investors & Entrepreneurs landing in France and Luxembourg. Our services start before your landing as we plan and facilitate your arrival, for it to be free of stress and difficulties. The goal of our services are to make your relocation as pleasant as possible and to provide you information that will help you save time in your journey.   

We offer assistance presently in ENGLISH, FRENCH, JAPANESE, MANDARIN, VIETNAMESE and KOREAN. 

Documents & ID

We help you obtain your document & ID upon arrival like the Residence, Health Insurance and Driver's license. This service also includes registration to French or/and English classes. 


We help you open any bank account for you and for family and any related services with them including currency conversion, opening accounts, purchasing insurance. 


We help you identify the best schools for your children and help you during the registration process.

Accomodation - Rental

We help you find your first apartment in PARIS-FRANCE or LUXEMBOURG based on your budget and preferred location. We schedule and drive you to every visit and also assist you on signing your first residential lease. 

Accomodation - Purchase

We help you identify the home for you to purchase with the assistance of professionals. We assist you in the estimations and evaluation of the property in order to protect your interests in the transaction. We drive you every visit and also help you in your application for a mortgage. 

Housing Renovation-Repair Assistance

We help you to organize refurbishment and repairs (electricity, water, gas, any damages of housing.

Business Initial Assistance

We help you in your desire to find a source of income in FRANCE-LUXEMBOURG. We help identify investment project fit to your expertise and degree of risk. We assist you in your meetings with business advisers, lawyers and other professionals to make sure your interests are protected. 

Settlement Packages

Service prices can vary depending on the number of family members and the model of the car used by our agent. 

All packages included :

  • a personal concierge (agent) fluent in the language of your choice.

  • travel assistance, with your concierge picking you up with a car at your location of choice. 

  • booking of hotel or short term rental.

  • financial planning to help you budget your expenses.

  • cellphone line as soon as you land.

  • P.O. Box to serve as address at the beginning.

Additional services can also be offered based on the custom needs of the client.

Family & Business Settlement

Document & ID / Banking

Accomodation / Moving Assistance 

Passport to Global mobility ! 


London - Paris - Luxembourg - Shanghai - Ho Chi Minh - New Delhi - Dubai 

WhatsApp, Line : +44 7466 782323 Japan desk



WhatsApp, Line : +33-7 50 52 18 47 (En/Fr/Jp/Kr)

TEL / SMS +33 634 10 54 47 / +33 750 52 18 47

Japan desk : +44 7466 782323

China desk : +33 634 10 54 47

Vietnam desk : +84 121 4335357

India : +33 750 52 1847

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