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                    EUR 150.000 - DONATION  TO GOVERNMENT                          Exclusive program reserved to a limited number of applicants  


This is an exclusive program that was last time available in 2014, and it is reserved to a limited number of applicants. 

The below government information are some examples of documents issued to some 3rd national clients out of EU  the last time that the program was available.


The law regulating Italian citizenship is the n. 91 of 5 February 1992, and its further amendments, in particular the DPR of 12 of October 1993, n. 572 and DPR of 18 April 1994, n. 362. 

Article 9, second point, of the said law states that citizenship can be given to those who have contributed to the country. Links to the relevant laws:     


The entire procedure takes place in Rome, Italy. Applicants have to go there 2 times: the first one to deposit the application, the second to pick up the documents.

Everything is done inside the government offices.

The time needed between first and second visit is around 4 months, depending on the current workload of the government offices.


The price is 100,000 Eur for the main applicant, 50,000 Eur for the spouse and adult dependents, 20,000 Eur for each kid under age 18 . The money is sent as a donation to the Italian government. 

Slots must be reserved in advance; the first slot available is on February 20-21.

For reserving a slot it is required to send a deposit of 1,000 Eur per family (irrespective of the number of its components). The deposit is not refundable if the client doesn’t show at the appointment, but is refunded in full in case the slot is cancelled by the passport office. 

A payment of 50% of the total (50,000 Eur for the main applicant, 25,000 Eur for the spouse, 10,000 Eur for each kid) is due after the application is submitted and approved.

The second and final payment is due when the documents are ready to be picked up. Photos of the documents will be provided. 

Passport to Global mobility ! 


London - Paris - Luxembourg - Shanghai - Ho Chi Minh - New delhi - Dubai 


WhatsApp, Line : +33-7 50 52 18 47 (En/Fr/Jp/Kr)

TEL / SMS +33-6 34 10 54 47 / +33-7 50 52 18 47

Japan desk : +44 7466 782323

Vietnam desk : +84 121 4335357

China desk : +33 634 10 54 47

India : +33 750 52 18 47

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