Discover the incredible charm of Paris through its rooftops, Haussmannian apartments and monuments

By Albane P.

The city of Paris is recognized around the world for its incredible beauty. Whether for its monuments, architecture or even its unique atmosphere, the French capital can often claim to be the most beautiful city in the world, in addition to being regularly cited as the most romantic.

If you are one of those who share this opinion, you will no doubt be delighted when you discover the Instagram account that we present today. Created and powered by photographer Raphaël Metivet, the latter gives pride of place to Haussmannian buildings for which Paris is famous, but also to hidden terraces and the breathtaking view offered by the rooftops of the capital. "I am passionate about architecture, and I must admit that Paris offers a varied history through its facades: from the Haussmannian style - harmonious and very codified - to Art Nouveau, more romantic and rich in allegorical ornaments and sculptures. Photography allows me to share this richness, mainly via Instagram. I also try to photograph people on their balconies or in their windows, in order to tell a story, ”Raphaël Metivet explained in the columns of Vogue.

French charm

And we must admit that the pictures on his Instagram account have something to dream of. It's true, who has never imagined owning a Parisian apartment with its moldings, fireplaces and parquet floors worthy of the greatest palaces? Here, the photos, each more beautiful than the next, allow you to set foot in the fascinating world of the French art of living. One piece of advice: keep your eyes wide open because the spectacle is on the menu! To see more photographs with this in mind, click here.

Here are some pictures of Raphaël Metivet:

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