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+1,400 Global Community To Help You  

In addition to a dedicated team, we have also a community network of more than 1,400

financial advisors, bankers, tax-accountants, lawyers, and industry professionals who give

individual solutions in a real time and help to execute each bespoke plan


    Premier Asset Classes 
      Mobility, Migration and Citizenship



We are the community of +1,400 global conference members who have gathered during past 10 years.: global leading advisors, eminent political or academic leaders, lawyers, financers, experts, family offices, investment migration industry's professionals to discuss global key issues, risks and potentials              (London, Geneva, Davos, Berlin, Warsaw, Athens, Montenegro, Malta, Nicosia, Durban, Luxembourg, Cannes, Monaco, Brussels, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Almaty, Baku, Istanbul, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen , Guangzhou, HCMC, Bang Kok, Seoul, LA, NY ...)


Many people want to know how to settle abroad for the purpose of better education, the business opportunities, to secure the family's future and the heritage-assets in this uncertain time.
This access to global mobility and migration is no longer reserved only for the wealthy and rather each individual faces the new challenge of the world today such as the Brexit, US-China Trade War, Covid-19 events ...

However, an increasing number of +70 governments are offering new government programs and new regulations to attract new foreign talents and investment. A member of your families is already a migrant and we are living in the era of contemporary migration.

The exceptional advantages of our classes include access to a network of world leaders in this industry, and in particular access to real-time information of administrative change of governments and the possibility of creating a lasting impact.

The classes
 'Mobility, Migration and Citizenship' present adequately selected members of the global community that offers year-round access and a method of migration to experiences around the world via a global network of advisors and partners determined to unleash the potential of global citizenship as a driver of positive change.

We hope to share a way of finding your future destination, a method of settling abroad and finding an individual solution for your family.

-People who like to move
-People who love the global mobility
-People who like to immerse themselves in the success worldwidely
-People who want to secure their family's future
-People who want to boost their heritage-assets worldwidely
-People who want to learn the changement of the world and the new challenge of geopolitical correlation


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*Premier Asset Classes under construction by Youtube, SNS, Zoom

awaiting your suggestion of new class
   for further information:


Startups : "Experiencing the Failure to the Goal"

Upcoming classes

Emerging Resilient Cities To Invest: 

Georgia, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria   

under construction

US Silicon Valley Startup E-2 Visa 100k

"Experiencing the Failure to the Goal"

under construction

Residence in Dubai by Property or Startup / Tax Free Zone
under construction


France 'Talent Passport' - Family Residence Card of 4 years (renewable)

in 3 months by a commerce 300k
under construction

Obtaining citizenship Turkey and Advantages 250k (US E-2 Visa Treaty)
under construction

Monaco Residence by investment - Tax Free in French Riviera

under construction


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US Residence by US E-2 Entrepreneur Visa 100K
(US real estate developer 330k)

EUROPE Golden Visa 250k-350k (Southern Europe, Bankans)
Retirement in Portugal RNH, Greece, Spain, Italy for third countries out of Europe
Second Passport / dual nationality

Plan B to emerging countries
Germany : Get Permanent Card in 24 months by Startup 100k 'Blue Card'

(or Investment in an existing company)
Residence by professional artistic-intellectual activities of Artist / Freelancer in France
(for third countries out of Europe : annual income 50k)

Family residence in Switzerland for the wealthy (for third countries out of
(Lump-Sum tax, insurance, pension, citizenship)

US Residence by professional activities of Artist / Freelancer (annual income 50k)

Settling in Japan by 'Business Manager' or Startup entrepreneur 50k

Globe Trotter Perpetuel without having Visa (for third countries out of
adjusted pre-taxation, new way of life and digital nomads

UK 'STARTUP / INNOVATOR VISA' in 3-4 months 50k

France 'French Tech' - Get Family Residence Card of 4 years (renewable)

in 3 months by Tech, IT 300k

Fast Track Citizenship MOLDOVA  + 100k in 3 months

US EB-5 investor Green Card 900k (within 20 months)

Fast Track Citizenship GRENADA (US E-2 Visa Treaty) + 150k in 3 months

Fast Track Citizenship ST. KITTS & NEVIS  + 150k in 3 months

FAMILY PERMANENT CARD : MALTA / CYPRUS by property + 300k in 3 months

Family Residence or Retirement to PANAMA in one month

Settling in Korea by Startup 100k, Regional Pole of Asia

Residence in Korea by investment

"Experiencing the Failure to the Goal"


awaiting your suggestion for the next class


- Granting Citizenship by Cryptocurrency VANUATU / ANTIGUA & BARBUDA : 130k

Process, Due Diligence, Additions, Advantages

- Entrepreneur / Start-Up programs from 20 countries : +50k

- Settling in LUXEMBOURG by investors for third countries out of Europee
 '' Quality Investors " Program + 500k

- Tax Residency in Italy, Spain, Jersey, Guernesey, Anguillar

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