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Switzerland is the most immigrant friendly country and has been a dream destination and most sought after country for high standards of living, world class infrastructure, political neutrality & freedom and attractive destination for retirement, business investors and wealthy individuals. Switzerland has always been a expensive country to live.

Although average individual wealth in the country dropped by 13 per cent since last year, the Swiss remain the wealthiest people in the world, according to the annual Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse. The high value of the franc played a significant role in launching the Swiss to the top of the wealth index, according to the study, propelling net worth per adult in Switzerland to unprecedented levels when measured in US dollars. The average wealth per inhabitant, as measured by the study, was USD 468,000 and has more than doubled since the year 2000 when measured in dollars.


- Travel visa free in Europe
- Privacy and Freedom
- Ideal for Retirees and Wealthy families
- Investment or purchase of Real estate property
- Choice of Swiss Canton, Location
- Swiss Residence Permit

A foreigner from Non-EU country, can get swiss residence permit through lump sum taxation. Switzerland is a very expensive country and only suited for high level investors. The minimum costs start from USD 250,000 per year, plus expenses.


There are different types of residence categories in Switzerland and a distinction is made between European Union and European Free Trade Association citizens (EU/EFTA citizens) and other foreign persons (non-EU/EFTA citizens).

The key requirements are to have either employment in Switzerland or to be a person of independent financial means. Non-EU/EFTA citizens may obtain a residence permit on the basis of gainful employment (subject to a strict quota regime), as retirees with pre-existing close ties to Switzerland.

Or as financially independent persons who are not gainfully occupied in Switzerland and pay considerable amounts of annual taxes. For non-EU nationals, a Swiss residence permit gives visa-free access to the Schengen area, if their citizenship of origin does not already provide this privilege.

Persons who apply for this program should be above 18 years of age and those who seek residence permit under retirement must be above 55 years of age and prove adequate financial means. Persons applying for this program need to produce long list of identification documents, besides having clean criminal record and good moral character. Foreign citizens who have a swiss residence permit, are allowed to buy real estate property such as apartment or a home, without the need for prior approvals in Switzerland. It usually takes about 3-4 months to get a residence permit in Switzerland.


The Swiss tax system is very much in line with the country´s reputation as a center for international trade and finance. Many tax privileges have been introduced in order to attract foreign investment to Switzerland, while there are very few restrictions on Swiss investment abroad. Switzerland also has an extensive network of treaties for the avoidance of double taxation.

Offer a fixed fee swiss residence program, where it is possible to get residence permit in Switzerland, upon paying a annual lump sum taxation fee - a minimum of USD 250.000 yearly or more, depending on swiss canton except Zurich. This annual tax fee may go upto CHF 1 million or more depending on the canton and it is irrespective of family of worldwide income or assets. The swiss residence permit is offered to persons of various categories under reitirement, wealthy individuals, or as a Business employee where it normally involves in setting up a a swiss company. Under the lump sum taxation, there is no need to declare worldwide income and assets.

We expect our clients to have a minimum of USD 250.000 or more (CHF 200,000) at their disposal, before applying for swiss residence program (corporate or lump sum). Most popular swiss cantons for this program are Appenzler, Bern, Geneva, Fribourg, Graubunden, Jura, Nidwalden, Schwyz, St.Gallen, Vaud ,Valais, Lucerne, Slothurn, Obwalden, Thurgau, Ticino, Zug.


Citinavi Paris Consultans are experts in obtaining private residence via Swiss residency programs. At Citinavi we understand that applying for an alternative citizenship can be a complex and daunting process. That is why we ensure that our service makes the application process as easy for our clients as possible. We can arrange meetings in Paris, London, Geneva,Shanghai with our clients. Please contact us for appointments by email or WeChat for appointments.



                        SWITZERLAND  瑞 士

    Consular Services (Switzerland  : Attention : reserved only for French Resident card holder)
Onsaemi worldwide provides consular support at diplomatic missions in Switzerland and, where possible, prepares applications for the submission at Swiss diplomatic missions abroad.
领事服务(瑞士,注意:仅面向持有法国国籍人士)Onsaemi worldwide为您在瑞士期间提供领事支持,并协助您办理瑞士驻外事务的办理。

    Conversion of Driver's License (Switzerland)  
We are able to assist with converting foreign drivers licenses to a local license .
驾照转换(瑞士) 我们可以帮助您将您的外国驾照转换为瑞士当地驾照。

    Departure Formalities (Switzerland)
Onsaemi worldwide can assist with departure requirements when leaving Switzerland.
离境服务(瑞士) Onsaemi worldwide可以协助您办理从瑞士离境归国所需办理的手续。

    Document Services (Switzerland)
In partnership with local office Geneva-Lausanne, Onsaemi worldwide can procure and authenticate documents where official documents need to be obtained and/or copies certified as true copies for a range of immigration applications.  Documents can include birth, marriage and police certificates. In addition, we can coordinate with certified translators to obtain sworn translations where these are required for immigration-related applications. 
资料服务(瑞士)Onsaemi worldwide同日内瓦-洛桑的当地机构合作,为您提供移民部分所需要的材料原件及复印件准备服务。相关材料如出生证明,结婚证明及警察局出具的无犯罪证明等。此外,我们还提供必要的翻译服务。

    Entry Visa (Schengen D Type) Applications (Switzerland)
For Schengen applications, we are able to assist with the entry visa, leveraging our network of affiliated Onsaemi worldwide partners across Europe and around the world.
申根区D类入境签证申请(瑞士) Onsaemi worldwide连同世界各地的合作伙伴们一起,帮助申根签证申请者申请入境签证

    Immigration Services for Spouses and Dependents (Switzerland)
We provide full support to dependents involved in immigration processes in Switzerland. Specifically, we guide assignees on the optimum immigration strategies for accompanying dependents, partnering closely with them and their dependents to prepare all required documentation for timely application processing in Switzerland, and to help them maintain compliance with immigration process requirements in Switzerland for the duration of their stay. In addition, we assist with renewals and/or changes to dependent immigration status. Support includes assistance with Ci permit applications for dependents of international organization employees; C permit tracking and maintenance cases; and applications to bring newborn children “in line” with the status of the foreign national parents.

    Notification Procedure Applications (Switzerland)
We assist with applications under the Swiss notification procedure.
公告手续(瑞士) 我们会协助您申请认识公告手续。

    Registration at Commune of Residence (Switzerland)
We assist with registration requirements in the commune of the individual’s residence.

    Renewals/Extensions (Switzerland)
For all work and residence permits mentioned above, we are able to assist with applications to renew applicants’ status, where applicable.
身份卡更新及延期(瑞士) 我们提供以上提到的工作及居住签证的更新及延期服务。

    Short-term Work Permits (Switzerland)
We assist with short-term permits, including ‘quota-free’ or those for stays of 120 days or less.
短期签证(瑞士) 我们为您提供短期签证(境内逗留120天以内)及不限次入境签证服务。

    Value-added Services (Switzerland)
Onsaemi worldwide’s fixed transactional fees include a range of benefits for which other firms charge significant fees. For example, our clients have access to Onsaemi worldwide’s proprietary, worldwide case management portal, which allows authorized stakeholders and assignees within their company to track cases in progress, current status, and critical expiration dates. 
增值服务(瑞士)我们的客户将在Onsaemi worldwide建档,方便您随时跟踪申请程序进度,实时身份状态及身份有效期。另外,我们还根据每个客户的具体需求提供个性化服务,保证您随时了解最新的情况。

    Work Permit Applications and Related Processes (Switzerland)
We provide full support for L, B and G work permit applications and related processes.


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