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                   SAINT LUCIA

                      Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

There are three main investment routes that applicants can apply through. The first is by contributing

(donation requirements : a minimum donation of $100,000 plus fees) to Saint Lucia’s National Development Fund. The second option is by investing in government approved real estate projects, from $200,000. The third route, is a five-year investment in Government Bonds. See below for more details on each route.

Family Requirements

Family members can be included in the application for St Lucia citizenship. The main investor can include:

  • Spouse

  • Dependent Children

  • Dependent parents over 55 years

  • Siblings under 18 years old

Due Diligence Requirements

Investors must provide

  • Police Reports – evidence of a clean criminal record

  • Have no outstanding visa refusals

  • Various documentation, including financial documents, employment/ business documents, ID, proof of address


Minimum Stay Requirements

One of the many attractions of gaining second citizenship in Saint Lucia is that the Citizenship by Investment programme does not have any minimum stay requirements. Citizens of St Lucia have the right to live, work or study in St Lucia, if they wish to, but this is not a pre-requisite of the programme. There is also no interview or language test required.

Citizens of Saint Lucia may travel visa-free to the European Union, Hong Kong, and the U.K.  Government processing times are approximately 4 months, and the program offers both cash and real estate investment options.  Iranians citizens are no longer able to apply (regardless of their current country of residence), due to problems conducting due diligence checks, and banking restrictions.


• Citizenship and a second passport for life for the applicant and dependent family members

• Children under 26 years old can be included in the application

• Travel visa-free to over 130 countries

• Visa Free access to Schengen Area

• Enjoy multiples tax incentives

• No requirement to reside in Saint Lucia

• No management, educational or language requirements

• English as official language and safe environment Requirements

• Applicants must make a qualified investment in one of the four designated investment options

• Be over 18 years old

• Have no criminal record

• Provide all required documents in English

• Successfully pass a due diligence check

• Applicants must use a government authorized agent

Investment Options

1. Saint Lucia National Economic Fund

Minimum to be invested:

• USD 100,000 for a single applicant

• USD 165,000 for applicant accompanied by a spouse

• USD 195,000 for applicant accompanied by up to two dependents

• USD 25,000 for each additional dependents

2. St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Real Estate

For the real estate route, applicants must invest in a government-approved real estate development for a minimum of $200,000, plus fees. The investment must be held for a minimum holding period of five years, after which it may be liquidated.

3. St Lucia National Action Bond

Citizenship by Investment Applicants can also choose to deposit $300,000 into a refundable Government Bond, known as the National Action Bond. The bond has a minimum holding period of five years, after which the capital can be returned to the investor at 0% interest. The investment is $300,000 regardless of how many family members are included in the application. There is also an additional non-refundable administration fee of $50,000 required, plus other application and due diligence fees.

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