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The Biennale of Unhappy Dreams, Venice. 'Liberal Dreams' of Escaping... "The Milk of Dreams"


- Venice Biennale -

« We need to envisage a form of relationship that is not just exploitation of others and of the Earth » said the curator of Venice Biennale.

When I encountered the Russian Pavilion, a soldier with a gun was guarding the border that prohibited entry. The tension circulated as if a soldier wearing a red saddle shining in the sunlight was forcibly summoned to be sent to the battlefield. It is in contrast to the surreal and dreamy art works « the Milk of Dreams » of the entrance just passed.

Colette 1873-1954 La Scandaleuse

Colette's Liberal Dreams...

In the summer of 1914, there were no more men in Paris. They left at the call of the flag from the first day of August. It was time for a quick decision. Faced with the threat that Germany would advance into the capital, many women and old fathers preferred to leave Paris. Every night, when the sound of a terrifying missile bombardment seems to rupture the intestines of the body, Kiev's night is like the sky of Paris in early August 2014, repressive breathing. In the air, besides storms and fear, there are unknown and unsettling emotions. Paris has an unexpectedly unique nostalgia because there is a massive departure of men, no husband, no companion, no brothers or sons, all enlisted in the military mobilization.

A new fragrance of freedom without oppression and domination... They are not so used to this freedom that at first they do not know what judgment to do, what to do, or what to do with that freedom.

Anxiety and fear have a nature of becoming stronger. The Dadaists stimulated the instincts and brought a surreal, tense imagination to escape the pressures of the imminent reality.

The Milk of Dreams

In our civilized society equiped with high technology, which is pushed by other uncertainties brought about by modern technology other than the fear of war and the speed of new high technology with robots, AI, the dream of overcoming national, racial, religious, and language barriers is presented at the Venice Biennale and Kassel where Documenta exhibition, major german show presents it.

After World War I, the totalitarian view of the state has been dominant. This view evoluted and has been enjoying freedom of movement, residence, and work through agreements between countries at a rapid pace since the European Union in the 1990s as an opportunity of global mobility after Post-Soviet Union.

Today more than 70 countries around the world offer government residence or citizenship programs for wealthy investment immigration. A freedom of global mobility has become an essential element. (By Hyong-jin KWON)

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