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Why Is Turkey's Citizenship by Investment Program Popular?

The Turkish citizenship by investment program is one the absolute easiest ways to obtain a  second passport out there, with even easier rules. As the quick timeline and simplicity go a long way in making Turkish CIP a popular choice among many investors.



is the main attraction of Turkey’s CBI program. Since the lira has droped down, real estate options are plentiful and they are cheap for foreign investors +$250,000 in real estate. There are no restrictions on what you buy; house, apartment or land and holding the property for a minimum of three years is required. Real estate in Istanbul doubles its value within 5-10 years.


If investor wants to start a company abroad or to outsource some of the labor to a cheaper country, creating jobs in the Turkish market in exchange for citizenship might be an attractive option. When the Turkish CBI program was launched, 100 employees were required. Now, that requirement has been halved to become eligible for a Turkish citizenship.


Instead of getting tied up in real estate or setting up a business, there are multiple ways to make a capital investment to obtain citizenship in Turkey. Put $500,000 in as a deposit in a Turkish bank or buy government bonds, real estate or venture capital investment fund shares in using a more stable currency like the euro, or US dollar.

The premise of the Turkish CIP is based on efficiency and simplicity. The whole procedure takes mostly 3-6 months.

Travelling the globe has become a hassle due to complex visa requirements, a matter which a second passport can help resolve. Turkey’s passport provides visa-free travel to 114 destinations worldwide, including major global commerce hubs such as EU, U.K., Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Qatar, and many more.

The Turkish government introduced its popular CIP in 2017 and then went to reduce the minimum investment required to obtain citizenship in 2018. The minimum threshold for the real estate option, which is the most popular one amongst global investors, was slashed from 1 million USD to 250,000 USD.

The benefits that most of foreign investors sought out to gain by investing in Turkish citizenship and some of the lesser-known benefits are following :

The entire process can be done remotely by appointing a firm or an attorney to act on your behalf. Another important point is that Turkey’s economy has been steadily growing and the investment is extremely safe relatively to South European property markets, and if you choose to invest in real estate you have a tangible asset that is naturally risk-averse.

Turkish citizenship is inherently passed down to future generations. Investing in Turkish citizenship is a venture that will benefit you and all your future generations perpetually.

How Turkish Citizenship By Investment Helps You Get an E2 Visa

When it comes to countries to immigrate to, the United States is often listed as the number one choice. An E2 investor visa is only open to citizens of countries who are part of the E2 treaty, excluding countries like India, Russia, China and Vietnam.

If you fall outside of the E2 treaty countries, you can still get your hands on an E2 visa. Securing Turkish or Grenadian citizenship by investing means that you can take apply for an E2 visa. We’re taking an in-depth look at the E2 visa and how Turkish citizenship could be the answer to your problems. 

Why Turkish citizenship to apply E2 visa?

Turkish citizenship minimum investment requirement is $250,000 vs. $350,000 for Grenada. Turkish real estate market is more liquid and approved real estate properties are much more. Your property will be sold out with higher value after three years. With its booming real estate market, there is nowhere better to do business than Turkey. It is also very fast in terms of citizenship processing time with less than 3 months after the completion of asset purchase.  

While there are other countries available for second citizenship, Turkey is one of the leading choices. Whether you want an E2 visa or the benefits of second passport, the Turkish investor citizenship program is one of the most popular, bringing with it a myriad of benefits. This Turkish citizenship investment program is streamlined and straightforward.

Turkish CIP, E-2 Visa Option for Indian, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese.

The Turkish citizenship by investment program (CIP) has seen extraordinary demand since its launch in 2017; now own a Turkish passport through investment, and the number of naturalization is set to grow.

The E-2 visa has some major benefits, such as:

• the foreign national and the family members are allowed to reside and work in the U.S. for the E-2 business;

• the spouse can work anywhere without restriction;

• possibility to avoid taxation on worldwide income;

For Indians, Chineses, Russians and Vietnamians with a pending EB-5 application who are perturbed by the unprecedented waiting time, they can use the E-2 visa to bring their entire family to the U.S. in 6-7 months.

How long does it take to apply for an E-2?

The US is home to many immigration routes, the expensive EB-5 visa, and the difficult-to-get H1 visas. However, there is one visa that stands out, the US E-2 Treaty Visa. The E-2 visa is only available for foreign nationals who possess the nationality of a country with which the U.S. maintains a bilateral investment treaty or a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation. Per the list of treaty countries published by the U.S. Department of State, the E-2 visa is available to nationals of roughly 80 countries in the world. There are only a few E-2 treaty countries in the world that have CBI programs under which a third country national can obtain the citizenship in a short amount of time. Grenada has traditionally been the top choice for this option. Recently, Turkey, Moldova (supended in 2020), and Montenegro (application closing at the end of 2021) also launched their own CBI program. One noteworthy issue is that the validity period of the E-2 visa differs among those countries. The Citizenship by Investment and E-2 Visa Option has its obvious advantages for certain foreign nationals from non-treaty countries: India, Russia, China and Vietnam.

One of the major benefits of E-2 Visa is fast processing time and a validity period of up to 5 years for certain countries (Turkey, Grenada). The validity period is much shorter for citizens of Montenegro (12 months) and Moldova (3 months).

In the case of Turkey E-2 or Grenada E-2, the E-2 investor will first obtain Turkish or Grenadian citizenship which can usually be done in 3-4 months. The E-2 application can then be submitted to the U.S. consulate in the country of residence. The entire process generally takes about 6-7 months. The quick turnaround for E-2 makes it a good option for people who are looking for a program that allows them to come to the U.S. in the shortest amount of time possible.

To apply for an E-2 visa as an investor, you need to submit a business plan for either an existing or future business that you want to establish in the United States. The process of applying for an E-2 visa typically takes 3 months, with the option to expedite it to 3 weeks for a fee. You can apply for an E-2 visa at a US embassy or consulate, adding a spouse or dependent children under 21 to your application.

The US E-2 Treaty Visa allows the applicants to reside and work in the US by setting up a business on American shores. There is no minimum investment amount required, and the processing time is one to three months. Turkish national get a 5-year, multiple entry E-2 visa. Other eligible nationalities such as Egyptians, for example, get a 1-year.

While the E-2 visa is not directly available to nationals of India, Russia, China, Vietnam through the CBI programs of certain treaty countries, those investors can apply for the E-2 visa by obtaining citizenship of a treaty country before making the qualifying investment in the U.S. Note that getting a third country passport would not shorten their EB-5 wait time, which is determined by the investor’s country of birth.

In recent years, delays in various immigration preference categories have brought this visa under the spotlight. In 2015, a visa cutoff date for China EB-5 was established. The current visa wait time for an EB-5 applicant born in China is likely to be more than 10 years for the applicant today. A waiting list for Vietnam EB-5 was also established. Meanwhile, India EB-2/EB-3 has a wait time estimated to be in excess of 15 years.

For Indians, Chineses, Russians and Vietnamians with a pending EB-5 application who are perturbed by the unprecedented waiting time, they can use the E-2 visa to bring their entire family to the U.S. in 6-7 months and start living the Us before the final arrival of the EB-5 green card. E-2 provides an entry point to start their business in the U.S. before they are ready to commit further for those managing a business of a size that is suitable for an EB-1C multinational executive or manager application.

Even if the foreign national has limited English language ability, some of the E-2 businesses on the market come with a professional management team that will provide language assistance. Therefore, E-2 visa is still within reach if a foreign national has not a certain level of English knowledge.

Furthermore, unlike EB-5, E-2 visa does not have a minimum investment amount. Many of the E-2 businesses on the market will only need an investment in the $100k-200k range, which is significantly lower than investing in an EB-5 project under the fight of legislation 500k or 900k (the EB-5 regional center program has lapsed since June 30, 2021 and currently requires Congress to pass legislation reauthorizing it before new I-526 Petitions can be filed with USCIS) or purchasing a U.S. business to apply for EB-1C. However, the E-2 investor will still need to invest additional money to obtain a third country citizenship by CBI programs : Turkey or Grenada. (by citinavi team)


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