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Non-Korean alien John Titor's prophecy of a united Korea in 2036

- John Titor's prophecy for map 2036 -

A prophecy about Korea published by John Titor that he time traveled from the future in 2036 has heated the internet.

Soon Korea will rule Manchuria as well as the interior of divided China, and Japan will become a colony of Korea! The map is very similar to the ancient map in the 4th century, which has been documented at Handangogi (a compilation of texts on ancient Korean history). No one would be too confident, but hopeful for Koreans to have such bright expectations and aspiration for unification ...

The true story of John Titor.

John Titor called Hall Radio of the United States and said he traveled in a time machine from the future in 2036, and came at a high price in 2000 to find a solution to a problem in the future as a member of the US military. Since strange listeners often made funny jokes ... at first glance it sounded like a lie, but at first viewers thought it was a joke and asked questions to keep up. However, the responses were too coherent and contained too precise scientific, historical and social information to be dismissed as a joke or a lie. Later, even the stingy presenter came to believe he was in fact from the future, and hundreds of thousands of Americans who heard the public interview, which lasted about 50 minutes, believed he was in fact someone who flew from the future to the past in a machine age. Even today in 2021, they believe it actually came from the future on a time machine.

He mentioned Korea during the interview ...

John Titor said the situation in Asia in 2036, where he currently lives, looks like this map. South Korea, which became a global superpower in 2036, absorbed much of Chinese territory and all of Vietnam, and Japan as a colony. Looking at this map, some will say: This is ridiculous. How can Korea become such a powerful country? Having Japan, one of the most powerful countries, as a colony ... sounds like a psychopath. It's easy to see a reaction that ridicules Koreans by telling them that they will become the most powerful country in the world in the near future.

An everyday prankster wouldn't last ten minutes in front of real scientists ready to unravel his story. However, according to The Guardian, "Titor has stood up to skeptical physicists." He even shared detailed diagrams and photographs of his time machine, all of which were surprisingly convincing. It soon became clear that if this guy John Titor was a prankster, he'd at least done his homework.


While most people doubt that John Titor is truly a time traveler, there are those who still believe, and he may have even returned several times. The most notable example came on November 30, 2010, when a user calling himself John Titor issued a terrifying warning over CNN's iReport feature, frantically warning the United States not to go to war with the North Korea. Titor explained that the conflict would be a horrible mistake, which would lead to the annihilation of half of the United States. Many young Koreans believe this will become a reality in the near future, and the reality is causing a remarkable change now that the Covid-19 situation is stabilizing. In fact, there were many others besides John Titor that Korea would become the most powerful country in the world around 2040.

Jim Rogers, known as the world's three biggest investors, has consistently argued through his books and lectures for almost 11 years now that in the very near future Korea will overtake China and Japan as well as advanced countries such as Germany and will emerge as the most powerful country in the world comparable to the United States. And also what Jim Rogers predicted was the fall of Japan. Around 2040, Japan will become a completely failing country economically, the government will lose its function and the country will be reduced to one of the worst criminal cities in the country, so Jim Rogers warned you to buy a gun quickly or leave Japan while you still have the option. He didn't just say what he said, he sold all of the Japanese assets he owned, such as Japanese stocks and real estate.

Therefore, as the map above shows, a scenario in which Korea absorbs Japan, which has completely lost its nation function, just as large, strong companies acquire economically struggling small companies, is a sufficiently feasible prediction. . The case of Vietnam is also quite convincing as in the case of the Japanese colony.

In addition to Jim Rogers, Goldman Sachs of Wall Street in the United States has also predicted in previous economic outlook reports that it will become a G2 country along with the Korean United States.

As with human life, the situation in the world is constantly changing. 250 years ago there was no country like the United States, 100 years ago there was neither Germany, such a power, nor Saudi Arabia. 60 years ago, South Korea was the poorest country in the world. North Korea had a much more favorable condition. It was a poor country that couldn't even be compared to countries like the Philippines and Cambodia, which were quite wealthy at the time.

But today, it is a wealthy and powerful country that ranks in the top 10 in the world.

If someone around 1960 said that in the next 60 years Korea would overtake Japan in the global electronics market and become supreme in the global shipping market, 5th for automobiles and 6th military power, and TV dramas and movies, people all over the world will sing Korean songs in Korean, watch Korean movies with their families at home, and Korea will become one of the 10 most prosperous countries in the world, it was said that he was mad. Who would believe such an absurd dream?

(by citinavi team)


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