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'Citizen D', Go to experience landscapes of your meaningful desires

By Hyong-jin Kwon

Citizen D
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Flying man, Vince Reffet

I was dumped and sitting on the edge of seaside bench of Jagalchi old market, Busan port as seagulls fly into the wharf and brush my ears, we talked about what we really wanted from life.

Returning from a wandering deep-sea fishing boat that has to do dangerous labor in the cold winter sea for my curiousness of ocean, It was at that devastating moment of despair that the muse tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of what I had aspired since my childhood in S. Korea, emerging country in the early 1980.

"What I really want to be at the age 16, an elite explorer of Africa, but not informed at that time in the emerging S. Korea, I realised lately at the Sorbonne library in Paris that the Anglo-Saxons had done already in the19th century"​

Another captain at the pier's bar advised me to stop my stupid vagabonding and go back immediately to schooling ; however, I had sworn not to be a slave of boring school education, moreover, nor of dangerous fishing boat to see simply the large sea world.

Instead of glorious elites to live an indocile slave running to succeed endlessly without any joyful desire at Seoul, Tokyo as well as USA luxury brands 8 Ivy League, having no meaningful desire or nothing to dream of made me miserable in an unbearable state,

I said eagerly to become SKYDOG in Europe. Global openness, democratised education with economic freedom, and multicultural worldschooling online!

I've collaborated on, and published 63 destination guidebooks that were circulated onboard airlines. I've traveled over 108 jurisdictions in living in 7 different countries.

In the past few years, a lot of Americans migrate to Europe, especially in Portugal. I suspect that the wealthy people of Global North have a lot in common : how to do successful businesses in lowering high taxes. The successful entrepreneurs of Global South aspire to achieve family settlement in the Western World for the purposes of better-educational and economic opportunities with a freedom of global movement.

I’ve traveled three decades looking for and experimenting with the best cities around the world to employ offshore strategies, residency and citizenship, artist-digital nomad lifestyle with freedom of settlement. I've made endless mistakes which have cost me a lot of time and expensive money and I'm able to handle complex cases and answer wealthy people or talent migration in real time.

S.Korea has been tremendously changed in the past 70 years (a stateless due to Japanese colonial rule by 1945 and ashes of the Korean War 1950-53). It was one of the poorest countries. The hardships and despair of all of them continued and S. Korea turned into a Global North recently. Every time I traveled to each country by 2005, I had to stand in line like a refugee in front of each embassy for a travel visa or each immigration office to apply a residence card.

Either children of a lesser state or stateless people (Kurds, Rohingyas, Bidouns, Palestinians...) or nationals whose freedom of movement are restricted (North Koreans, Iranians, Russians, Afghans, Syrians, Cubans...), the idea of automatic and unconditional membership, birthright nationality is the relic of the past.

Western society alone cannot be our future and purpose. Each country has its own unique characteristics and provides cultural and historical values. Today about 100 countries offer government programs for foreign

settlement and we are living in an era of borderless world where any individuals could

Flying man, Vince Reffet

fulfill their desires. We are not born only for a destiny country. With the making of creative efforts proportionate to a meaningful desire, each could move to the other continent by an investment or a talent.

* * *

During long summer season I could spend a blissful week on my own in a part of Cannes, sunbathing naked at the end of a long deserted beach. Fly to enjoy greek salad daily with ultimately popular music at my lovely Loutraki beach, Greece. Deep diving into the desert Tamanrasset of Sahara followed by jumping to a pool of oases....

Whether scuba diver of Dubai marina beach or fitted with lenses myopia getting by in America I have always insisted an exorcism as electronic traveler.

To live hunter gatherer on fishing boat in the 21th century or to live fighter dog for human spectacles of single state likely N. Korea is a matter to find the way of our common rights to live. The way of peoples of each of the various states evolved over time and together.

Whenever french football national or PSG team win the match, a vast, chaotic crowd filled the Avenue Champs-Elysées the evening evaporated strangely the morrow morning. I could not understand how our species' brave collective merriness confront each others in the other situation.

​Dogs love chasing small birds, but never manage to catch them. The highlight of their walk is meeting and playing with fellow citizens. The dog traveling is always a great way for them to pee and poe, also for their next meal.

Each individual is a moving sovereign man who worshps the will. You are both an entrepreneur, a freelancer-youtuber-artist or retiree. Clear out your workspace or brain. Make room for listening new skills, experiences and knowledge of the others.

We are all talented SKYDOGs invited to reside in europe and across the globe and each talent brings the economic and cultural benefits to the state. We are not born to contribute for one corner, the whole globe is our native land to share our talents.

The human species are multicultural animal of migration states wherever those move to, connected world community sharing a happiness of 'our states'. (By Hyong-Jin KWON)

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