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Citizen DMZ - S.Korea 70 years after the Korean war or G2 in 20 years. What do you find ...?

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Citizen DMZ
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In 1953, a country that was in ruins right after the war became the current 8th power of the world in less than 70 years, or Korea emerges as a superpower competing for the world's G2 place in 20 years,

What do you find the most difficult?

The first will seem more impractical and almost impossible. This is a case that has not been preceded in the history of mankind and has become an example of the rise of mankind, which is difficult to hope for in the future.
This is the story behind the Chinese Sai Weng said that a difficulty can be a blessing in disguise and vice versa. “Who knows what is good for a person in life? Indeed, none of us knows what the future holds. A hardship can have positive effects and prosperity can have negative effects.

In the historical trend that Korea is rapidly becoming the center of the world, whether in the market for smartphones or electronic products, in the field of cultural content for films, music or theater, or in the market of the high technology such as semiconductors or Internet technology, Korea is already a country of the world, now the brand. As with the recent friction with Japan, Korea has become so strong that Japan can no longer compete with Korea in terms of physical strength and international political fighting power. And in the process of overcoming the ongoing pandemic, Korea has received the most reliable global assessment with the highest technology and the safest and most stable domestic operational capability. The country called Korea is emerging as a luxury brand. (citinavi team)

The following article is written by Choi Sang-gi

University of Zurich, Switzerland

This report examines the relationship

between ethnic IQ and national income and growth.

The highest IQ in the world

1st in Korea,

2nd place in Japan,

3rd, Taiwan

4th, Singapore

5th, Germany

6th, Netherlands

7th, Austria

He leads 8th place in Italy.

Until the 1960s, the nation with the best brains in the world were cited the Jews. The reason is that it was before Asia appeared in Western world history. Jews appeared in Western history and became active in the Rothschild family, which dominated the business world in Europe and controlled 90% of the world diamond market. The Oppenheimer family, which has been in control for 100 years, is a prime example. However, as the economic development of Korea and China accelerates after Japan, a midbrain assessment showed that the Jewish race was far behind.

Readers are familiar with the Los Angeles Black Riots. Before the black riots in LA, a trial was held in an LA court in the United States for Koreans in Koreatown, LA about 10 years ago.

The complainants were Jews. It is said that the Jews, who had advanced in the distribution of fish and the distribution of food in the United States and Europe, could not do business at all because of the Koreans who had settled in Los Angeles. When I went to the wholesale market to buy fresh fish and vegetables at 5 a.m., Koreans were out at 4 a.m. The Jews got out at 4 a.m., and the Koreans got out at 3 a.m. and lined up. When the Jews also came out at 3 a.m., the Koreans brought blankets the day before and sat down ahead of time. Tired of Koreans, these Jews - they couldn't do business because of the yellow monkeys - filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for violating the fair trade law, but lost. However, I didn't think it was wrong to say that it is because of judicial fairness that the United States is hanging on.

There are concrete reasons why Korea has the highest average IQ in the world.

SEJONG-Ro (statue of King Sejong)

1. Excellence at Hangeul.

The excellence of Hangeul is difficult to express. Compared to Japan or the United States and China, the character generation speed when sitting in front of the computer reaches seven times. In other words, when the Japanese and the Chinese write 100 pages of science and technology texts. Koreans do 700 pages in Hangeul. Although science and technology do not become arithmetic, the accumulation of productivity is indescribable.

Hyundai's competitiveness would be able to beat the opponent if it is only 10% higher. At 10% competitiveness, the Koreans are already scoring huge points on the excellence of Hangeul.

2. Great enthusiasm for education

High population density. Due to the great zeal for education, in Korea even the most gangsters can express their opinions in writing unless they are mentally weak. As a result, the information delivery capacity given per unit of time and the information highway are the most robust. Moreover, due to the high population density, the information superhighway stacked like a spider's web has made it the most powerful country on the internet and has the ability to rotate the brain and acquire data information with the fastest Internet.

As Koreans know, brain development is slow because they grow up on their own or have little opportunity to interact with people. The high population density causes many problems, but it also has these advantages.

3. Topography of Korea.

It is well known that the area where the brain is most developed is a place with four distinct seasons. Hot when it's hot and cold when it's cold is the best place. However, it is not good to be too hot or too cold. In particular, from Nasan (the eastern peninsula), the Northeast Asian region is said to have the best medicinal efficacy among all the plants. Wild ginseng certainly exists in southwest China and the Americas. However, wild ginseng from the Americas, including southwest China, is inferior in medicinal properties to the 10-year-old bellflower in Korea. The reason why Korean medicines are more expensive and preferred than Chinese medicine in oriental medicine is not only because of the exchange rate problem, but also because of their medicinal effectiveness. It's because the soil is so good.

4. Korean traditional culture.

A representative example is the culture of the spoon and the chopstick. As people who use chopsticks, Japan and China use them, but in China and Japan only chopsticks are used and not spoons at the same time. From childhood, the development of the nerves of the fingers is greatly improved. As a result, brain cells develop rapidly from childhood. Moreover, it can be said that this is the reason why the Republic of Korea stands out the most in all the aspects that require a keen sense at your fingertips.

When you go to an American supermarket and the American cashier is working, the Americans leave. This is because the American cashier is too long to calculate the change of currency. If there is a queue, customers will definitely return. However, when I go to a Korean-run supermarket, there is no one in line. It is not because the trade is not working. There are more customers, but there is no need to queue because the calculation ends instantly.

When Koreans see a banker counting money in a Korean bank, they think it is an ordinary case, but when a foreigner visits Korea for the first time and goes to a bank, it is considered a sort of magic or art. Is it a human being? Oh, how wonderful! ~ There is no one in their country or elsewhere in Europe who counts money as a Korean ghost.


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