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Happiness is not a Destination. It's a Way of Life, Freedom.


"What I really want to be at the age of 16, an elite explorer of Africa. However, not informed in the early years 80 in this emerging S. Korea, I realised lately at the Sorbonne library in Paris that the Anglo-Saxons had done already in the 19th century"

I have wandered deep-sea fishing boat that has to do dangerous labor in the cold winter sea for my curiousness of ocean. Instead of glorious elites to live an indocile slave running to succeed endlessly without any joyful and meaningful desire in a fixed city, having no transcendental desire or nothing to dream of made me miserable in an unbearable state, I said eagerly to become SKYDOG in Europe.

I've collaborated on, and published 63 destination guidebooks that were circulated onboard airlines. I've traveled over 108 jurisdictions in living in 7 different countries.

In the past few years, a lot of Americans migrate to Europe, especially in Portugal.

I suspect that the wealthy people of Global North have a lot in common : how to do successful businesses in lowering high taxes.

The successful entrepreneurs of Global South aspire to achieve family settlement in the Western World for the purposes of better-educational and economic opportunities with a freedom of global movement.

I’ve traveled three decades looking for and experimenting with the best cities around the world to employ offshore strategies, residency and citizenship, artist and digital nomad lifestyle with freedom of settlement. I've made endless mistakes which have cost me a lot of time and expensive money and I'm able to handle complex cases and answer wealthy people or talent migration in real time.

S.Korea has been tremendously changed in the past 70 years (a stateless due to Japanese colonial rule by 1945 and ashes of the Korean War 1950-53). It was one of the poorest countries. The hardships and despair of all of them continued and S. Korea turned into a Global North recently.

Every time I traveled to each country by 2005, I had to stand in line like a refugee in front of each embassy for a travel visa or each immigration office to apply a residence card.

Either children of a lesser state or stateless people (Kurds, Rohingyas, Bidouns, Palestinians...) or nationals whose freedom of movement are restricted (North Koreans, Iranians, Russians, Afghans, Syrians, Cubans...), the idea of automatic and unconditional membership, birthright nationality is the relic of the past.

Western society alone cannot be our future and purpose. Each country has its own unique characteristics and provides cultural and historical values. Today about 100 countries offer government programs for foreign settlement and we are living in an era of borderless world where any individuals could fulfill their desires.

We are not born only for a destiny country. With the making of creative efforts proportionate to a meaningful desire, each could move to the other continent by an investment or a talent.

The human species are multicultural animal of migration states wherever those move to.

Happiness is not a destination… it’s a way of life, freedom !

"Carpe diem," Dr. Jack Wheeler, unique-first-class adventurer of all 197 countries, advises.

“Life is short. The time for a great adventure is now.” It’s advice to take to your heart.

Hyong-jin KWON,

editor in chief

Wtih Jack Wheeler at l'Européen, Paris , February 9, 2020

Himalaya by helicopter with Dr. Jack Wheeler in a week


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