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Invitation Wheeler's Upcoming Expeditions 2021


First, If we haven't met, I'm Jack Wheeler. My team and I are glad you're interested in knowing more about what we can offer you.

We've been providing top-quality, innovative expeditions around the world since 1976 for small groups of 8-12 clients. If we have met, it has been such an incredible privilege to show you our beautiful world and we hope to see you again this year!

With great contacts in so many countries, for decades we've been able to anticipate where is an ideal place to go and when! However, the past 10-12 months have been "challenging" for all of us -- finally more countries are opening up and this trend will continue.

We use multiple-sources of information to keep abreast of the "reality" on the ground because much of what you read online is not updated nor accurate! (Even from seemingly legitimate sites.)

This monthly format is to update you on the status, announce new expeditions, and share what we know about government policies. (Rest assured that we do not "cancel" our trips, although we have had to reschedule for the first time in our 40+ years of serving our clients.)

These expeditions are on our current 2021 calendar and we think it is highly likely we can run all or most of them this year. In each case, we'll give you a Travel Update with an assessment of the situation. (Each button gives you trip photos & details without putting in your name and email.)

Feel free to write with questions! Even if you would love to go on an expedition, but the dates don't work, let us know and we can keep you in mind.

Anytime you'd like to do a short call for an Expedition Briefing, you can book it here:

So, let's get back out into our beautiful and fascinating world!

Blue skies,

Jack, Brandon, and Jackson Wheeler

Experience Portugal - June 17-26, 2021

Portugal is a must-see to experience. It is the 4th safest country in the entire world, very clean and charming. The coast rivals California's or Italy's -- with so much gorgeous scenery, a distinctly European culture, long history, welcoming people, and delicious food and wine! It is a special place that touches you on many levels.

We have spent many years getting to know it and truly love it here. There's a good chance we'll offer this again this year, dates to be announced so tell us if you're interested. Travel Update: Now in the 3rd phase of reopening, including restaurants, shops, and museums. The final phase begins May 17 and Portugal should be fully open then. Our trip begins June 17th. They accept either a PCR test or a vaccination certificate to allow entry. Portugal insiders are updating us every two weeks and this should be a "go."

African Dream Safari - July 7-18, 2021

Is an authentic African Safari on your dream list?! This is a dream safari! We'll see large numbers of animals -- in nature and enjoy luxury - in 10 days! We did this expedition in 2019 and our travelers loved it! They were amazed at how many animals we saw up so close. It is also interesting to see how they behave and interact.

You will enjoy game drives in the mornings and late afternoons, campfire conversations in the evening after delicious meals. The lodges are wonderful -- and with excellent food. This is the best in Africa today. We still have room for a couple more. Perhaps you can join us?!

Travel Update: Zambia is fully open and has had relatively little issue with Covid. They are ready to welcome us. They currently accept a negative PCR test to show you are healthy.)

Ireland Expedition - Aug 13-26, 2021

Ireland has charm. It has charmed the hearts and imaginations of writers and poets for centuries. We'll see sites that have history going back 5,000 years -- and over the centuries since. The scenery is wonderful and very diverse for such a small country. We will see so much -- it will amaze you what an exploration we can do together in 11 days.

What will truly capture your heart are the friendly and welcoming people. It will be an experience that will make you smile and give you memories that linger. Join us and some fun-loving travelers to experience it for yourself. Travel Update: Ireland plans to begin opening in May in a series of phases. We are told that by August they will likely allow travelers -- we are excited about taking you there (and we know you want to go) yet would like to give you an update next month that will be more reliable. There is a chance we may have to push it out a month, but we hope Ireland will let us visit in August.

Central Asia - Sep 17 - Oct 6, 2021

Imagine what an extraordinary experience it is to traverse Central Asia and the famed Silk Road! We've seen these very diverse cultures - from ancient nomadic to modern -- along with spectacular scenery of these exotic countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

When we did this expedition in 2018 and 2019 it was so well-loved by our travelers that we plan to run it this September 2021.

Travel Update: Currently, only three of the five countries we would like to visit are accepting tourists. We are told that by September we should be able to visit at least four of them -- and hopefully all five. We will keep you informed on the status of this, meanwhile feel free to get in touch with us.

Himalaya Helicopter Expedition - Soar to the 8 Heights

This expedition is extraordinary by all accounts. Jack Wheeler originally dreamed it up - then worked closely with our partners there who know these mountains (and helicopters) extremely well.

After some years now, this truly unbelievable experience has become one of our WX Signature Expeditions. A remarkable, thrilling, and safe experience. And, since there is no trekking it can be done by anyone of any age in normal good health.

All mountain and nature lovers would be amazed by the scenery -- and find it to be a life memorable experience. We love it every time we run it. Several clients have returned to do it again! We hope you can join us in October for the thrill of a lifetime!

Travel Update: Nepal has already opened and is accepting inoculated travelers who also have a PCR test and travel insurance. They currently want visitors to do a second test after arrival, although that may relax by October. They removed the prior quarantine and will issue visas on arrival or in advance which we suggest.

So, see what works and reach out to discuss. Also, watch your email because there's more to come...we have several on the drawing board that we will release as the months go on.

Contact us at jack@wheelerexpeditions.comwith questions or feedback.

Jack Wheeler : On April 15, 1981, Jack set the world record for the northernmost parachute jump: at 90 ° N, in free fall right on the North Pole. (Guiness) It is nicknamed the “Real Life Indiana Jones”, by the Wall Street Journal. In 2014, he achieved a lifetime goal of traveling to 197 countries (all 193 countries recognized by the UN and four that are not: Taiwan, Kosovo, North Korea and Somaliland)

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