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Escape from Japan, Carlos Ghosn3 multinational passports owned by ex-CEO Renault-Nissan

The ex-CEO of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, made the headlines once again with his leak in Lebanon. But how was he able to leave Japanese territory when his three passports (French, Lebanese and Brazilian) were retained by his japanese lawyers? The businessman would have had a second French passport, but is it legal?

The Carlos Ghosn case

Japanese lawyers for Carlos Ghosn, then under house arrest after 130 days in prison, held his three passports: French, Lebanese and Brazilian. According to a source close to the investigation, the French businessman had a second French passport, in a case closed by a secret code. If the passport was in his possession, he had to ask the lawyer for the code, who needed to travel to unlock it. This passport had been authorized by the court to allow him to move internally and to serve as his visa there. On the other hand, it would seem that the ex-boss of the Renault-Nissan Alliance did not use this means to travel outside the Japanese borders and would have left the territory illegally. Carlos Ghosn must explain himself on January 8 from Lebanon to explain his incredible gesture.

In which case can we have two French passports?

It is normally impossible to have two French passports, and yet there are many who want to keep the beautiful stamps immortalizing our different trips. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule which particularly concern businessmen, journalists and aviation personnel.

If your passport is immobilized If you travel very often for work, your passport may be immobilized by a consulate or an embassy when you apply for a visa. However, if you need to travel during this period, it is necessary for you to have another passport.

If destinations are incompatible

Second scenario: if you travel regularly all over the world but the stamps on your passport risk compromising your chances of going to a destination that refuses travelers from certain countries. This was long the case for travelers who went to Israel, and who were refused entry to several Muslim countries because of an Israeli stamp (now replaced by a paper sticker).

How to apply for a second passport?

This request must be made to the Consulate or Embassy of your country of residence. But "the issuance of a second passport is not a right, but a faculty and it is the administration that sets its award criteria," said the Public Service website. You will therefore need to provide proof of your close journeys or of your particular situation.

“Issuing a second passport of a country” is not a right

The requirements of the administration that set the criteria for judging must be met (provided evidence of a close trip or specific situation) according to the french overseas consulate.

Almost countries do not issue two passports, so it is very inconvenient for professionals who need a global mobility. A Korean employee who has been in charge of global marketing of a French company in over 40 countries for over 30 years claims that he has been considering obtaining french nationality because he is often tied to the reason for the Korean passport, which is allowed only one passport for each. Very inconvenient to visa application of multi

countries in the same time. According to French Diaspora Senator, half of the 2.5 million French foreign residents are dual-citizenship owners, who are entrepreneurs, project managers, importers and exports, consultants, and teachers. Rich ressouces who play a leading role in French foreign trade and soft power.

Vulnerable country passport, Lebanon

Carlos Ghosn's childhood, Lebanon has not signed an extradition treaty with Japan.

Carlos Ghosn has refused for the moment to confirm or deny the details of his escape from Japan. His flight to Lebanon, highly publicized, embarrassed the Japanese authorities, who demanded his return to the archipelago to be tried there for the facts of financial embezzlement alleged against him and that he denies in block.

A request for his arrest was issued against him in early January via Interpol, for the attention of the Lebanese authorities. However, Lebanon has no extradition agreement with Japan. Lebanese justice had prohibited him on January 10 from leaving the country following this "red notice" from Interpol.

He found his right as possible because Lebanon does'nt want to deliver his own people to foreign country, Japan. The acquisition of multinational permanent residence and citizenship that wealthy people have considered to keep their families and assets safe is to reflect on by unpredictable internal uncertain fluctuations such as Brexit or unstable geopolitical and political instability and unexpected divorce at the present time globalization is generalized. In order to protect private bankruptcy, the future of individuals and families and safe assets, the public in developed countries has realized the need to consider dual or multiple citizenships.

21st century long-term plan passport to secure the family's future and safe assets.

The new era that the number of multinational-passports determine

individual wealth has come.

After enacting the obligation of global annual income reporting, a lot of Americans have acquired Second Passports in South America. Many ordinary citizens of developed countries which are politically stable looked at vulnerable countries in Latin America, or Caribbean island nations, avoiding the absurdity and excessive taxation of rich countries. A lot of americans reside in Dubai, tax-free country, in rare cases, small countries in the Balkans, independent of the former Soviet Union. Also some others consider immigration to South Africa, where they can enjoy safari in a beautiful wild-natural environment. It is a preliminary measure for the future safety of individuals and families.

Carlos Ghosn avoided France, Renault's home country, and Brazil, the country of birth, which is likely the second Japanese territory, with more than 1.5 million Japanese immigrants of fourth-generation and 50,000 long-term residents holding Sao Paulo banks and some dominant industries of Brazil. Disadvantageous, the decision to evacuate to Lebanon was a legitimate solution under international law that only a Lebanese passport that could protect himself was a vulnerable passport country that could not be transferred to the Japanese government among the three multinational passports in possession.

Considering that the majority of immigrants from Hong Kong and Taiwan who have taken their families to Canada and the United States have acquired the dual citizenship of North America and almost returned to their home country with major assets. They have prepared dual citizenship paperworks to secure their wealthy for emergencies. You can see the importance of whether or not to allow dual citizenship. Most of the Vietnamese and Cambodians who moved to France by boatfight in the 70s acquired French citizenship (currently 400,000 families including 4th generation families), the immigrants have contributed greatly to the economy of origin country as an advantageous dual nationality was allowed by the country of origin.

21st century long-term plan passport to secure the family's future and safe assets.

The new era that the number of multinational-passports determine individual wealth has come.

Luxury designer handbags, Swiss chrono watches, fancy cars that have been newly collected every two or three years are already widely used by the public. Luxurious penthouses or private yachts are no longer a measure of individual wealth. Each country's principal wealth depends no longer on a resource-rich land, a large land, and a lot of population resources, and as the global urban nations (Singapore, Dubai, Luxembourg) have free access to global liquidity and show the rapid changes in the times that bring more wealth by the connection amongst neighboring countries and global connectivity. The new era that the number of multinational-passports determine individual wealth has come.

Various motivations and long stays of French people.

The OpinionWay Institute has launched a large study on expatriates on behalf of the Transatlantic Bank.The majority of French expatriates have lived in several foreign countries, on average in two countries in addition to France. But there is no majority reason to motivate the departure: "We do not leave for a single reason but for a bundle of reasons", explains Frédéric Micheau, who evokes reasons related to employment, love and cultural discovery.

The study was done before the Covid crisis. France is also seen as more suitable for education and retirement. On the other hand, the host countries seem more suitable for employment and the economy and even for owning their main residence and also for family life.

But whatever the duration of expatriation, three quarters of expatriates return to France at least once a year, the majority have French friends, speak French with their relatives, consult the French media, etc. "Time does not abolish the national feeling, the feeling of belonging to the nation", underlines Frédéric Micheau. At the same time, 93% of expatriates say they are satisfied with their expatriation: "This is what is called a plebiscite." This attachment to France and these roots abroad make expatriates perfect ambassadors of France. Vincent Joulia, member of the Executive Committee of the Transatlantic Bank, insists: “Expatriation is a chance for France. It is enriched by their double culture. " Jean-Christophe Dumont adds that there is no need to fear a brain drain from France abroad and that "even if they don't return, the French economy will benefit from it".

Individuals are considering to secure a geopolitical and politically uncertain future such as Brexit, which called internal self-restrictions in european union continent. Such as Hong Kong's turmoil, the US-China trade war, the Great Empire of the 19th Century Glory Without Sunset is about to protect the family's future and safe assets and the professionals of global migration industry consider seriously about dual and multinational passports.

Author : Hyong-Jin KWON, paris


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