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OSAKA : Ceramic Art YAYOI KUSAMA. December 4th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021.

An exhibition of ceramic art pieces designed by the most celebrated contemporary artist, Yayoi Kusama will be held by Les Editions d’FMR at Carpe Diem Osaka, JAPAN

Les Editions d’FMR have been working closely with Kusama for many years, publishing amazing prints and producing numerous ceramic sculptures.

For the first time, a limited edition of 5 vases especially designed by Yayoi Kusama will be presented at this exhibition.

Carpe Diem is a Japanese home that will transport you back to the Showa era (1926 to 1989), a period that has brought up Misoguchi, Ozu, Kurosawa and Oshima. Come hear the soft rustling of sliding doors made of Shoji paper, the warm sound of your steps on the tatami which exhale a charming perfume. Listen to the soft wind whistling through the pine trees of Japan, experience an architecture that is open to nature, its softness and peace.

This traditional home was designed by a famed artist from the Kansai region called 'Mangetsu', a 'Rodokushi' (storyteller) that has lived in this residence at the beginning of the 20th Century. He chose this location for his home because it sits in the shadow of Osaka Castle, which now doubles as the general headquarters of the French embassy, right next to the Osaka Business Park.

Come hear the soft rustling of sliding doors made of ‘shoji paper’, the warm sound of your footsteps on the tatami and its charming perfume. Enjoy the soft wind whistling through the ‘Matsu’:Japanese pine tree and experience the peaceful softness of a historical architecture in a well-preserved traditional Japanese garden.

Since 1970, the home has been the main residence of a French man named Frank Riva, who has fallen in love with the exquisite charms and beauty of the surrounding region. Having returned to his home country in 2004, he left the residence to his family in order to create a cultural center in which international exchanges can be held.

Frank and his wife Misa are particularly interested in transmitting this heritage to a new generation of tourists.Staying here, at the heart of the Japanese lifestyle, offers travelers the opportunity to discover the unique hospitality imbedded in the culture which is strictly based on its tradition, and the opportunity to experience living in a different but yet comfortable environment in Japan.

Having lived in Osaka for more than 20 years, Frank awaits you with great pleasure to make you feel cozy and comfortable, and also to help you discover the region surrounding the home (Nara, 40km; Kyoto, 40km; Kobe, 30km). He can help you discover the wonderful landscapes, history centers and finest dining experiences in the area.

Due to COVID-19,

the exhibition will be strictly limited

to 10 persons per hour.

Please make reservations in advance.


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