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We Are All Talented SKYDOGs Now!  

I was dumped, and, sitting on the edge of seaside bench of Jagalchi market, Busan port, as the dogs howled, we talked about what we really wanted from life.

Returning from a wandering deep-sea fishing boat that has to do dangerous labor in the cold winter sea for my curiousness of ocean, It was at that devastating moment of despair that the muse tapped me on the shoulder and reminded me of what I had aspired since my childhood in S. Korea, emerging country in the early 1980.

"What I really want to be an elite explorer of Africa, but not informed at that time in S. Korea, I realised lately at the Sorbonne library that the Anglo-Saxons had done already in the 19th century"

Another captain at the pier's bar advised me to stop my stupid vagabonding and go back immediately to schooling ; however, I had sworn not to be a slave of boring school education, moreover, nor of dangerous fishing boat to see simply the large sea world. 

Instead of glorious elites of Hyderabad, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing as well as USA 8 Ivy League luxury brands, Standford, MIT, Oxford. 

I said eagerly to become SKYDOG in Europe.

Global openness, democratised education with economic freedom, and worldschooling with Cambridge online!

During long summer season I could spend a blissful week on my own in a part of Cannes, sunbathing naked at the end of a long deserted beach. Fly to enjoy greek salad daily with ultimately popular music at my lovely Loutraki beach, Greece, Deep diving into the desert Tamanrasset of Sahara followed by jumping to a pool of oases....

Either scuba diver of Dubai marina beach or fitted with lenses myopia getting by in America I have always insisted an exorcism as electronic traveler.

To live hunter gatherer of fishing boat in the 21th century or to live fighter dog for human spectacles of single state likely N. Korea is a matter to find the way of our common rights to live. The way of peoples of each of the various states evolved over time and together.

Whenever french football national or PSG team win the match, a vast, chaotic crowd filled the Avenue Champs-Elysées the evening evaporated strangely the morrow morning. I could not understand how our species' brave collective merriness confront each others in the other situation.

Dogs love chasing small birds, but never manage to catch them.

The highlight of their walk is meeting and playing with fellow citizens. The dog traveling is always a great way for them to pee and poe, also for their next meal.

You are both a freelancer / youtuber / artist / mentor / teacher and entrepreneur. Clear out your workspace or brain. Make room for listening new skills, experiences and knowledge of the others.

We are all talented SKYDOGs invited to reside in europe and across the globe and each talent brings the economic and cultural benefits to the state.

We are not born to contribute for one corner, the whole globe is our native land to share our talents.

The human species are multicultural animal of migration states wherever those move to, connected world community sharing a happiness of 'our states'. (Hyong-Jin KWON)

"Blue Better Than Blue"
- EU Alien Residence For Global Artist, Freelancer, IT, Digital Nomad, Youtuber - (Global Talent Mobility From Third Nationals Out Of Europe)

Advantages Of Artist Residency In France (Freelancer, IT) -Lowest income tax advantages of artist in higher income tax country (Business activities should pay high income taxes in France) -Atelier Support from the municipality of residence -Artist's residency is conductive to obtaining favorite citizenship Citinavi Global aims to find a highly qualified lawyer to assist you in this process. All cases will be handled by our team's expert according to your nationality, location.  Citinavi global has 26 years of unique experience and professional consulting specialized in France & EU artist freelancer residency. Our French-speaking asian applicant granted French citizenship within 9 months (assisted by our partner lawyer in 2018) - FREELANCER, IT IN FRANCE -


IT, entrepreneur, marketing, Youtuber, artist, freelancer

After many Chinese students complete their studies in France, the first thing they think about is to find a job and change their status, such as changing work and residence. But in fact, it is feasible to engage freelance work in France. Such as being a freelancer, artist, self-employed, opening a company and doing business residence, etc. In figures, 3% of self-employed individuals in France are foreigners and 5% of business owners are foreigners. In terms of policy, French government encourages entrepreneurship and provides many policy supports and tax incentives for self-employed and small businesses. But as a foreigner, setting up a company in France does have many difficulties, such as poor language, unfamiliar culture, communication barriers, and difficulty in gaining local trust. Therefore, you might as well start from self-employed with low investment amount ability. To register a self-employed business, the procedures are very simple, as long as you perform a simple registration, fill in a list of your basic information and business contents, and pay a small registration fee. Being a self-employed individual does not involve the complex issues of bosses and employees, has low costs and low taxes, and as long as you can personally control your business and build a reputation among your customers, you will lay the foundation for future development. However, it is important to note that the identity of a self-employed individual cannot apply for a residence permit. To be a self-employed, one must first have a residence permit that can work in France, such as student residence, work residence, etc. Another situation is that you have your own business in France, you can make money, but you are not an employee. According to the law issued on July 24, 2006, you can engage in professional activities, but the prerequisite is to obtain a legal residence. Of course, if you are an EU resident, this issue is generally not involved, unless there are special restrictions. However, based on the self-employed, it has laid a good foundation for applying for business residence or freelance residence in the future. It is also a good way to generate income for students who need to make money or employees who already have a job. If you have already lived in France, you can apply for the relevant residence permit at the police station where you live. When applying, you must fill in different forms according to different types of residence and submit the required information on the checklist. For example, for business residence, in addition to personal information, business budgets and business plans are also required. In short, you must be able to prove your ability and feasibility to operate in France. If the information you submit is complete, the police station will give you a receipt and a temporary residence card, and then you can start professional activities. However, if your residency application is ultimately rejected, you have to stop related business activities. There are also some foreigners who do not live in France for a long time, but want to develop their business independently in France,

so before starting, they need to apply to the French police or corporate management agency. If your submitted materials are complete and the plan is feasible, you will receive a temporary residence card issued by the police station. If you apply to become a self-employed person, you must obtain a CFE registration permit. In some cases, you have to submit some additional materials. For example, acquisition of transaction funds, lease management, establishment of subsidiaries, establishment of foreign legal persons, etc. If you want to inject capital into an existing company, you need to submit the company’s registration materials (the company’s k-bis is generally not less than 3 months), the letter of intent of the competent authority, the articles of incorporation, lease contract, business address, corporate financial status and payment Tax certificate etc. Regarding artist residency (including freelancer or IT residency) applied from the United States, India, China, South Asia, MENA regions (out of Europe), or if you want global mobility as electronic traveler SKYDOG, you can consult us.

EU BLUECARD (entrepreneur, marketing, Amazon, Youtuber, artist, freelancer...) EU Alien Residence Card : France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Estonia .... 27 EU   + EUR 50.000 annual income

Estonia is launching a new Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers

The new Digital Nomad Visa allows remote workers to live in Estonia and legally work for their employer or their own company registered abroad.

Digital nomads and remote workers have long faced ambiguity when working while they travel, often skirting the law by working while visiting a country with a tourist visa.

But as of August 1, 2020, eligible location-independent workers can apply for the chance to come to Estonia to live for up to a year with peace of mind that they can legally work. * US / DUBAI Artist Residency  US EB-1A artist residency US EB-1 National Interest Waiver : Extraordinary Ability / Outstanding Professors/Researcher Dubai E-Residency: No obligation to stay in Dubai (This Dubai E-Residency does not allow to reside  in Europe)


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