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Which path should you take? The easy or the right path in 2023? By Hyong-jin Kwon

Go to experience landscapes of your meaningful desires

When you take a taxi, the driver will ask, “Where to?” Upon knowing your destination, he will take the fastest way to reach it, avoiding traffic congestion and wrong turns, so you can arrive safely without any problems.

Likewise, each government should know investors' desired destination and choose the best way to reach it. If they happen to choose the wrong path or become blocked by traffic, if they have taken you to the wrong place, you would end up in deep trouble.

Metaphorically speaking, a government resembles a bus. A bus driver would not ask, “Where to?” Unlike a taxi, a bus displays its destination on its front window. Thus, if you take the wrong bus, it is your responsibility, because you should make sure to know where the bus is going before boarding it.

Likewise, before choosing your bus itinerary, you should scrutinize how trustworthy it is and where it might take you and your family.

That is to say, choosing for incompetent government program is like choosing a bad driver and boarding the wayward bus he is driving. Then, you will inevitably suffer the bumpy roads, the heavy traffic jams and the numerous detours. The unreliable, clumsy driver may even drive the bus up the wrong way on a one-way street, which could cause a serious traffic accident that may cost you your life. To make matters worse, a heavily damaged bus takes a long time to repair.

Presently, the bus called "golden visas program" is at a crossroads.

You should decide whether to go straight or turn left or right. At the intersection, you should move as fast as you can. Otherwise, you might collide with other cars coming from all other directions.

Golden visas bus serves wealthy people the simple itinerary to ‘buy’ the right to residency — sometimes without even having to reside in the country, a fast-track route to citizenship, rendering the overall process easier. It serves as a “golden” opportunity to invest in Europe, Caribbean islands states, America ... and derive expedited residency privileges. The European Commission has been calling on member states that run such schemes to terminate them as soon as possible.

At the end of September 2022, the EU Commission announced that it would refer Malta to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). USA refuses Grenada’s CBI passport holder from E2 investment visa. The destiny of golden visa bus will be subject to their exposure to criminal activities and the risk to security, transparency and the values that underpin the European Union. The bus schedule for Ireland and Portugal has been just deleted.

Golden visas bus : “doors close, but windows remain open”

Golden visas bus ticket in real estate investment escalated up to €500,000 in Southern Europe but in five years you should know that it is extremely difficult to sell out with some costs by a reason of investment business.

In Western Europe, luxurious black taxis are permanently welcoming investors. A threshold of €250,000~500,000 for granting citizenship based on residence performs a gainfull investment with better educational opportunities : Germany (blue card scheme granting PR card within 2 years), France (300k 'talent passport' investor visa for residence card valid of 4 years), Italy (250k residence visa 'dolce vita'), Luxembourg (500k quality investor visa) make investor visas of Western Europe enticing and do not contender faded golden visa bus. In this regard, the SUVP to Canada (active investment) is priced quite competitively in the range of CA$250,000 to CA$350,000 and South Korea's real-estate based investment $400,000 grants PR.

No matter which investor visa path you choose, your temporary residency can be acquired relatively quickly within three months and you are free to off abroad almost for 6 months period.

In 2010, Latvia launched Europe's first bona fide Golden Visa program with investments priced from just €50,000 and yet it is all but forgotten today. Because Latvia requires you to live there for at least ten months per year for five years to obtain PR. Over the past five years, though, mainstream is dominated by newer, better programs emerging from Southern Europe including Greece, Portugal (closing), Spain and Malta with no obligation to stay. However the bus itinerary of Southern Europe is covered in fog.

If you have time to stay abroad regularly, active investment migration with lower capital outlays makes sense for such as Portugal D7 visa, US E-2 visa, self-employed visas or family businesses of almost envery countries on earth. But, you need to live and manage a business to maintain your status, qualify for PR.

Golden gate mainstream for Digital Nomads

Globally about fifty countries paved actively their itinerary.

You should choose the right path. Luxurious black taxi or faded old bus? Whatever will be the result you will never regret because you will be right in your eyes that you've taken right decision. Follow a driver either a taxi or a formal intinerary bus has been the traditional version. Promptly updated Uber taxi wherever you go and ChatGPT and Metaverse technology can assist your virtual migration.

Family life is a long journey so take only those steps which give you long term goals of generations.... The bus schedule is traditional passive alternatives with no active option. It could not make you peaceful it is only when you live your life with schedules that you belive in and have faith in make your life fulfilling. Experience landscapes in the Bhutanese boots.

Hyong-jin Kwon

editor in chief



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