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From Bollywood to Emirati Glitterati to Hollywood & the EB5 Visa Film Model? by Kat Conway

Are you ready to profit from film projects in Hollywood and secure your EB5 visa?
Did you know (AFP) is an EB5 Film Model vs. an EB5 Real Estate Model?

Now why would you want to invest in an EB5 Real Estate Regional Center Model? USCIS statistics prove the EB5 Real Estate ‘Regional Center’ Model has never profited EB5 investors since its inception in 1990. Once the red carpet is rolled out one must not sweep anything under the carpet right? Check it out yourself by contacting the USCIS statistics department.

AFP has advocated regularly to EB5 investors worldwide regarding the USCIS new reform investment requirement. By the time you read this article the USCIS new investment requirements will have dou-bled! We announced this from our online megaphone platform in our articles.

On November 21, 2019, the USCIS final rule increases investment amounts for ‘Regional Centers' will change from $500,000 and $1,000,000. ‘Direct Investments’ will change from $900,000 to $1,800,000 respectively. Read the article here:

AFP is a ‘Direct Investment’ new commercial enterprise American film company now requiring a $1.8M investment per USCIS requirements to secure your EB5 visa(s) for both you and your family.

How does the EB5 Film Model work? Two-fold, simultaneously, and very simply:

Stage 1:

1. Our EB5 attorneys collaborate, contracts are signed and ‘Direct Investment’ funds of $1.8M are wire transferred to our film company account.

2. AFP employs our US team of EB5 experts to secure oversight of your visa process.

3. AFP employs ten United States citizens to work day-to-day business affairs at our film office full-time during the course of this process until your visa(s) are approved and in your hand.

Stage 2:

1. The following film phases will roll-out: pre-production, production, post production, distribution, and screening with experienced teams of film professionals.

2. EB5 Film Model investors partner with AFP to receive profits from sales of the film project(s).

3. EB5 visa is received, EB5 Film Model sales generate revenue and lifetime residuals are passed down to heirs; to include other benefits.

In short, there is no red-tape with an EB5 Film ‘Direct Investment’ Model. Yet, there is ‘Risk’ and a pertinent and important requirement of a USCIS investment is ‘Risk’. You must ‘Risk’ your invest-ment as an accredited investor. Based on statistical facts does the EB5 Real Estate Model seem like a good ‘Risk’? The film industry generates over $35 billion per year worldwide. The EB5 Film Model is a much more calculated risk especially given your oversight.

Congratulations to Global Citizenship Magazine as the new press partner for IREIS & IREX in the EB5 visa arena; is pleased to be a part of this venture.

A ‘Direct Investment’ is the only EB5 investment that allows an accredited investor to actively manage their investment. The EB5 Real Estate Model does not allow management of investment and only ac-cepts passive investors.

The EB5 Film Model is a calculated investment for Bollywood & the Emerati Glitterati ready for Hollywood!

For any further inquiries please speak with Kumar Chintalapudi (Managing Director of Global Quest Overseas

Careers & Immigration) a participatory partner and our international associate producer KWON or contact us directly at: or 877.711.FILM.

EB5 Film Model, EB5 Real Estate Model, the term “EmiratiGlitterati’ are copyrighted and owned by AFP.

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