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Groundbreaking EB-5

Rural Investment

Invest in America’s Energy Independence

Dear Investor,


EB5 Energy is pleased to offer you an opportunity to invest in America's energy independence by supporting oil and gas production in the Anadarko "Super Basin." Our project involves recompleting 72 wells by drilling one-mile-long horizontal wells and conducting fracturing operations, generating substantial amounts of oil and natural gas.


As an investor in this rural project, you will qualify for priority processing and visa set-asides, regardless of your country of birth. The project is structured to provide fast repayment, with substantial oil and gas production expected in the first two years after each well is completed. All profits will be postponed until all EB-5 investors have been fully repaid, which we estimate will occur just 2 1/2 years after filing your I-526E petition. 

Only after full repayment will any profits be distributed, and our EB-5 partners will maintain their status as limited liability partners throughout the project's duration. With an average oil price of $78 per barrel, our EB-5 partners are projected to earn over $250,000. If you're interested in this groundbreaking EB-5 investment opportunity, let's schedule a call to explore it further

Rupy Cheema,

Managing Partner of NCE and JCE

EB5 ENERGY Booklet

Priority Processing

Priority processing refers to the expedited handling and review of I-526E petitions by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This faster processing can lead to significantly reduced waiting time for investors and their families to obtain conditional green cards, which then enable them to live and work in the United States. Although the exact duration for processing under the new priority rules remains unspecified, industry professionals estimate that it could take 12 months or less. P.

Visa Availability and Set-Asides

Rural investments are eligible for a 20% set aside of all EB-5 visas, providing immediate visa availability upon petition approval for any EB-5 investor. This is particularly advantageous for those from backlogged countries, such as China, India, and Vietnam, who would typically face extended waiting periods for an available visa.


 win-win approach

Incentives, Innovation, and Environmental Stewardship The state's robust regulatory framework has played a significant role in the success of Oklahoma's oil and gas sector. By offering incentives, such as tax breaks and reduced royalty rates, Oklahoma encourages companies to explore new opportunities and invest in cutting-edge technologies. This positive environment not only fosters job creation and economic growth but also promotes environmental stewardship, as industry leaders work to minimize their impact on the land and water resources. Furthermore, the state's commitment to fostering a strong, safe, and sustainable oil and gas industry has set the stage for Oklahoma to remain a key player in the global energy market.

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