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 Poland Residence Permit

Investment EUR +150k

           Poland  Residence Permit Options

                                             ( Complete Solution Under One Roof ) 


Note : IN 2018, Poland Process has changed in many ways and has become very strict for foreign workers. However, still, Poland issues a 1 year 2 year & 3 year residence permits to non EU citizens based on several basis. We invite you to our office to discuss in details. However, we present some information on the most common  & popular option that most expatriates in non EU countries find suitable


Poland issues a 1 year 2 year & 3 year residence permits to non EU citizens based on several basis. We present some information on the most common  & popular option that most expatriates find suitable 

Option 1 :  By setting up a business in Poland - If you have genuine idea and intention to start and operate a business in Poland, we can assist with the entire process of setting up or buying of a running company. Note that if this company does not carry out business activity for six months or more, it may not be easy to obtain a residence permit.  Talk to our Poland expert personally to discuss this option and how we can help over come the policy and difficulties in this option for a Polish residence permit.  

Option 2. Study in Poland -  You can obtain residence permit for studying in Poland. Such course should ideally be of minimum one year duration or preferably a university degree course. Talk to us about this option if you wish to study in Poland. Most students who finish a university degree in Poland have great chances of long term settlement in Poland for obvious reasons that may include learning Polish language, then finding a job in Poland or starting a business or even based on a genuine marriage that may happen due to a student's long terms stay and interaction with Polish citizens while being a student.  So there are many possibilities.   

Note : There are several other options and grounds for obtaining a Polish residence permit such as humanitarian grounds. However, we will discuss such cases on personal basis in our Poland office only. 



Poland is part of EU and Schengen zone, a 2-3 year residence permit opens many doors for serious people with some skills, language advantage and business ideas, willingness to make an effort and of  course some financial savings. 

This is a great option for those who wish to come to Poland with additional plans towards long term settlement and invest in small businesses.

Poland is a powerhouse economy of the Eastern Europe. Polish companies are competitive and the Government supports the businesses by allowing foreigners to come and take up jobs which cannot be filled by Polish citizens.

It is good for families - It is possible to bring along family members. Note that including your family in your Poland Residence permit application can add costs of additional and may need proper planning from beginning. 

- Free Schooling for children. 

- Free State Sponsored Medical services

- Free Polish language course

- Low cost of rentals and overall living 

It has its flexibility -  With an understanding with your sponsor company and based on your role in the company, it may be possible to travel between Poland and other Schengen states and internationally frequently.    

You could be working in Poland, or be more enterprising and open a small business of your own in Poland. While the work permit restricts you from working for any other employer than the one who sponsored you,  you can always start a small business on the side by becoming a shareholder and may even have other partners in the business. 

 You can find a job in any other Schengen country and switch your residency to that country without leaving Europe.

There is even a possibility to become a business partner in a business located in other Schengen countries.  So for someone with a business ideas and some financial backup can really use this opportunity to grow and convert this option into a long term settlement solution in the EU. 

Poland is a great place for business setup and a strong economy. Great scope for restaurants like Chinese, Thai, Healthy indian foods, vegetarian, organic etc. You can look into setting up some business and gradually branch out into other Schengen states. 



CITINAVI offers a Full Package including Schengen Visa advice + Find Suitable Sponsor Company + Legal Support with Immigration Process +  Help with house finding + Tax and accounting support after you get your residence permit including a long list of expenses.

Details shall be provided to genuine clients upon prior contract with proper ID and supporting financial documents. CITINAVI works with reputed and properly operating companies to try and provide our clients a long term solution, not just a plastic TRC card that might get cancelled after six months. 




April 2018 

Work permit and visa issued by Polish embassy.  Is this possible ? Many people ask if this is genuine way to move to Poland.  Well it all depends on how big & reputed your sponsor company is and what type of work permit you get.  It is usually not easy to pass the immigration interview at Polish embassy. However, many skilled trades in construction industry can follow this method with good success. Carpenters, Masons, Steel Fixers, Welders etc. are in demand and have a good chance to get approval from Poland and the apply for a visa from Polish embassy. IT jobs are also a good scope.


March 2018

Poland gets tough on those applying for TRC on a tourist visa. Many applicants have been referred to border police and deported if they cannot pass the interview and provide proper explanations.  Proper legal counsel and preparation is now essential even before you fly to Poland from here.  We request all applicants to prepare early and see powerful legal counsel to ensure that application is submitted without any issues. Only genuine companies which are operating properly are able to sponsor non - EU nationals for TRC.


February 2018 

 Caution : Please ensure that your sponsor company is stable and really active. If the company shuts down in near future or has not been paying taxes, it can affect your application process, cause delays and even long term plans and give you headaches and added costs that you may not have expected. Therefore, please choose your mediator carefully. 

January 2018 - It is getting harder to get TRC submission appointments in Warsaw. Pre-Planning of submission is essential. 

Lithuania Trade License + One Year Residence Visa.

15 day process. 




LITHUANIA is European Union, Schengen zone, NATO member country.  

By setting up a business or investing in Lithuania, you become a Resident of EU and you can open many doors for living, working, and do business, invest in property and travel freely within the Schengen zone. Choose Lithuania & achieve all your goals.



The immigration policy of Lithuania provides special immigration options available to third-country (non-EU) citizens seeking temporary or permanent residence. Country is looking to attract new investors from across the world by offering them various benefits and incentives. 

Lithuania Government is keen on encouraging foreign investment and spur business activity. However, the Government has imposed new stricter laws in place to deter 'immigration fraud' and ensure that the program is not being exploited by foreigners who have no commitment towards the Lithuanian economy but just want a Schengen access. 

However, in order to avoid abuse of the system, Government has recently changed laws and require foreigners to show a genuine commitment to contribute to Lithuanian economy :


Under the new immigration laws for third country nationals, we offer you three options if you are interested in obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania. Take a look at the three options we present to you a package' of services, crafted by a professional team of professionals, each one experienced in their fields of expertise.

Option 1. Buy a ready company & get ONE YEAR INSTANT VISA. From EURO 15.000 EUROS

ONLY. Cost will depending on company's history and activity and your long term plans  By default, company will be 12 months old. Tried and tested over an over again and many clients Pakistans successfully settled. 

Option 2. Setup a branch of your existing business (expand into Europe) From EURO 15,000

(branch setup + two year TRP costs to be covered in Lithuania ).  

Our price does not include local ministry official costs to legalize various documents of your parent company. A branch does not need to create employment for Lithuanians so is a cost saving option for first three years. We have packages for ONE, TWO or THREE years TRP.  After three years, your branch has to be converted to local Lithuanian company and three employees have to be hired for your TRP renewal. We are one of first consultants in Lithuania to be able to successfully setup branch of a NON-EU company.  

Option 3. Become a partner in a Lithuanian company. From EURO 50,000 or above one time investment per to become a partner in a successful Lithuanian company. This option is suitable for those who do not want to take risk of starting their own businesses immediately but wish to obtain the residency. In this case, you will allow the existing owners to manage everything for you and renew your residency every year for five years. This gives you a long enough window to explore your future plans and where in Europe you will finally like to settle down. This option requires a monthly contribution of EURO 1000 per month*towards company expenses in addition to the investment amount. EURO 3000 one time fee is also applicable to cover for services and essential expenses to complete your application, such as one year residence address, TRP fees, translations, attestations, Government fees etc. in Lithuania. So total package will be EURO 25000 One time + 1000 per month. 

*All amounts are subject to change depending on various factors relating to company owners & changes in Governmental fees.


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