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    Investor Residency Estonia into EU                                   Invest to TALLINN


1) Advantages of Property Investment in Estonia -

Rapid economic growth, low inflation, low levels of unemployment and wage increases are advantageous factors to invest property in Estonia. 

- low interest rates of mortgage rate for local Estonian people
- rapid wage increases 
- strong economic growth with low inflation
- huge foreign demand for property, especially from other Europeans

In Tallin centre, a new flat (50m2) can still be bought for approx EUR 80,000
Approx. capital appreciation of 12% per annum. Over the past 10 years, prices have risen consistently by, on average, 10 - 15% per annum
(This is in line with national figures released by Statistics Estonia.  The average price of Estonian dwellings rose nationally by 10.66% (9.25% inflation-adjusted) in 2016, to €1,148 per sq. m..
Apartments in the city centre are renting well, yielding some 6-8% per annum)

Estonia receives huge amounts of foreign investment, particularly from neighbouring Finnish investors. GDP growth rates have stabilised and are expected to average 7% per annum. Assuming this is the case, over a 5 year period, the country’s economy is likely to grow by a significant 40%. This, in turn, should have a positive effect on property price growth over time during 202-2007 and 30% during 2013-2016.

2) Taxes are high 21% in Estonia

Rental Income: Nonresident individuals are liable to pay 21% withholding tax on their gross income. 

Capital Gains: Capital gains from the sale of immovable property are aggregated with other income and taxed also at 21%.

Inheritance: There are no inheritance taxes in Estonia.

3) CITINAVI  Financing up to 50%

CITINAVI does not only partners with lawyers and tax advisors, but also with financial experts, who can choose the most suitable loan from over 8 banks. If non-residents would like to partially finance their purchase with a loan, certain documents are needed.
Our global partners have extensive experience of working alongside private clients and their advisors and government ministries and agencies, which we are able to draw upon through our own network and our local professional partners that we work with in each of the countries.

Such services will include;

– Assisting with the application completion and the collation of supporting documentation required.
– Multi-lingual family relocation support.
– Providing individual solutions to translation and legal services, to include the legalization of documents.
– Review and submission of the applicant’s case file.
– Working with our local partners to optimize the documentation
– Support in meeting the investment and contribution requirements of each of the programs.
– Local real estate services for accompanied visits, the purchase/rental and management of property.


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Family Immigration

by establishing a company


Legal Forms of Companies By far the most common forms of business entities in Estonia are Private Limited Company (OÜ) and Public Limited Company (AS) . According to the Commercial Code, there are five forms of business entity: private limited company (which is the most popular legal entity set up by foreigners in Estonia), public limited company, general partnership, limited partnership or commercial association, and sole proprietorship . Estonia has been working hard to facilitate the process of creating a new company . The process has been made fully digital and a new company can be established in a matter of minutes .

- Private Limited Company (in Estonian: Osaühing or OÜ)

- Public Limited Company (Aktsiaselts or AS)

- Branch of a Foreign Company


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