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Residence-by-Investment Malaysia

 MM2H Golden Visa Program

​The Malaysia My Second Home programme  also called MM2H programme grants a 5-year renewable multiple-entry visa to successful investors and their qualifying family members.



  • 5-year renewable long-term multiple-entry social visit pass granted to successful applicants.

  • May include spouse, common-law partner, children (biological/step-child/legally adopted) below 21 years of age and 21-34 years of age (single and unmarried) in the application as dependents.

  • Disabled children regardless of age as well as parents and parents-in-law of principle can also be included.




  • Main applicant must have a minimum offshore monthly income of RM 40,000.

  • Proof of liquid assets of at least RM 1,500,000.

  • Main passholders and/or their respective spouses must reside in Malaysia for at least 90 days/year or 450 days/5 years cumulatively.

  • Minimum age requirement for principal applicant is 35 years.

  • Government processing fee of RM 5,000 (principal applicant) and an additional RM 2,500 per dependent.

  • Government annual visa fee of RM 500.

  • Other Visa and Security Bond/Bank Guarantee fees also apply whereby existing rates vary by nationality.



Sabah and Sarawak would retain independence from the federal government with regard to immigration policies. Of Malaysia's 13 states (and 3 federal territories), Sarawak and Sabah of Borneo have autonomy over their immigration policies, the island that Malaysia shares with Indonesia and Brunei.       *               *

A more attractive Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home program (MM2H) has been given an initial nod by the state government, says Datuk Christina Liew.
The Sabah Culture and Environment Minister said the state cabinet had in principle approved the conditions for the implementation of the (MM2H) here.
"The state Cabinet has approved the policies which govern the prerequisites for participation in the programme and these include the age requirement, medical certification and a fixed deposit account in Sabah," she said on Thursday (Feb 2).
She said a fixed deposit of RM200,000 along with a bank account with any bank were among the conditions.
Meanwhile, applicants will only be eligible to buy property (apartments) worth a minimum of RM600,000 and above, she said.

"There must be a minimum stay of 30 days a year and the approved duration for an individual or family is for 5+5 years in Sabah only.
"The applicants must have a good conduct certificate from their country of origin and a medical check-up certificate," she said.

Liew said the unique and competitive MM2H programmes were to attract high-end participants, who would benefit the state's economy.
She was optimistic the program would attract participants who fulfil the qualifying criteria.
"It is anticipated that these participants will create a significant impact on the State's economy, especially in real property development and the tourism industry," she added.

Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor said the Sabah MM2H (SMM2H) program had been approved by the state cabinet.
"Sabah's program will not follow the new requirements set out by the federal MM2H. With our own SMM2H, we hope to see high-value foreigners and talents moving to Sabah, and creating economic spin-offs," he said at the 42nd anniversary of Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (Shareda) Night 2022 

                                                                       *     *     *
When the federal government, in 2021, first suspended and later reintroduced the MM2H at roundly criticized, far-higher minimum investment requirements, the Sarawak state decided to relaunch an MM2H program with requiring deposits from MYR 150,000 (ab. US$35,000), a min. monthly income of MYR 7,000 per month (ab. US$20,000 a year), and a 30-day min. presence in Sarawak state.

Datuk Christina Liew, Sabah's Culture and Environment Minister, told local press that the state government had "approved the policies which govern the prerequisites for participation in the program, and these include the age requirement, medical certification, and a fixed deposit account in Sabah." in saying a fixed deposit of MYR 200,000 (about US$47,000) in a Malaysian bank. 
Real estate investor to buy apartments in Sabah must spend min. MYR 600,000 (ab. US$141,000).
Both of Sabah MM2H and Sarawak MM2H require  that applicants must spend 30 days a year in the two East Malaysian states and they are free to reside throughout the country. 

The federal program requires min. deposit of USD  235,000 with min. 90-day physical presence. 

     deposit / min.stay / min.annual income
Malaysia M2H               $235,000  /  90 day  / $ 100,000
Sabah-Malaysia M2H     $ 47,000  /  30 day  / TBD
Sarawak-Malaysia M2H $ 35,000  /  30 day  /  $ 100,000

Malaysia also recently launched the Premium Visa Program : Malaysia PVIP, Application fees $4,200 is higher than Sabah & Sarawak MM2H without minimum presence requirement (article page.68 / Global Citizenship magazine n.spring 2023)


  • Preparation and submission of application.

  • Conditional approval letter issued.

  • Arrive in Malaysia for:

    • Fixed deposit account opening with any bank in Malaysia.

    • Purchasing of/submission of medical insurance that is applicable in Malaysia.

    • Obtaining of medical report* from any private hospital or registered   clinic in Malaysia.

  • Submit remaining documents:

    • Fixed deposit certificate, medical insurance policy & medical report.

  • Obtain visa

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