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Family Residency Visa (4 years)    

 Investor 300.000 Euros "Talent Passport"

To read the detailed legal provisions for the “Personal Passport” residence card, please visit the official website of the French government, Legifrance. Click on the hyperlink above to reach the website :


Consulate General of France. Visas.The law of March 7, 2016 has changed in depth the right of foreigners. One of the central provisions of this law is the creation of the residence card "talent passport" which aims to attract and simplify the procedures of highly qualified people and international talent.

This residence permit, which is normally for 4 years, is issued upon first admission to French territory but can also be issued to foreigners already present on the national territory. For the employees, the duration of the residence permit corresponds to that of the employment contract which justifies its delivery. For other cases (such as entrepreneurs, performers, etc.), the duration will normally be 4 years unless the Administration has reservations about the quality of the project, and in this case, " a title of two years may be issued to avoid a refusal of residence permit and verify the effective implementation of the project at renewal. (Circular of November 2, 2016)

Businessman touching Talent for Employees, the advantage of the residence permit "passport talent" is not to have to apply for authorization of prior work with the foreign labor services of DIRECCTE. In addition, members of the family of the holder of this residence permit will be able to benefit from a specific residence permit of a duration equal to that of their spouse (or parents) with a right to work.

Advantages of Talent Passport Residence Card

There are no hard academic and language requirements for the investor (the main applicant);

- Valid for up to four years

- As long as the investor has been holding an investment project (original project or new project) in France, the residence card can be renewed;
Investors' dependents (subsidiary applicants: spouses and children under 21 years of age) can obtain the same "Talent Passport - Family Members" residence card;

- Investors and their families can integrate into France’s social security system and enjoy social benefits; they have the right to study, work or do business in France;

- After the investor and his family have resided in France for five years, they are eligible to apply for a permanent card or passport.

Immigration Act

Application conditions for “Talent Passport” residence card

- Applicants must be at least 18 years of age;
- The applicant needs to issue a detailed personal resume and a “No bankruptcy record statement” to prove that it has the ability to

   implement and manage the investment project;
- The applicant needs to invest in a commercial project in France. The investment project should meet the following conditions:

  • The nvestment should be greater than 300,000 Euros in commerce;

  • Create or retain jobs;
- The applicant needs to issue a "tax payment certificate";
- The applicant needs to issue a "Certificate of Source of Funding";
- Applicants and family members need to issue a certificate of no criminal record

The Talent Passport residence permit covers ten categories, including employees of young innovative companies, highly qualified workers, recent graduates, company creators, leaders of innovative project and investors. The aim of this reform was to make France more attractive for these categories and simplify the immigration procedures.

The prefecture is the competent authority for receiving the application for the Talent Passport residence permit France.

The Talent Passport residence permit entitles the third-country national to work in the framework of the investment project which justified the granting of the residence permit. The investor can therefore be active in the business, and must also commit to creating or maintaining jobs during the period of the residence permit.

Investors are protected by french law covers access to goods and services, education, access to employment and self-employment, access to healthcare and social protection.

According to the French Security Code (Article L111-2-2), social security is available for all persons working or residing in France in a regular way.

The foreign investor holding the Passport Talent residence permit is exempt from the obligation to have a medical examination and to comply with integration measures (i.e. the obligation to conclude a Republican Integration Contract).

The Talent Passport residence permit  entitles the family member to enter, stay and carry out a professional activity

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