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What is the minimum investment that I need to apply through the Start-up Visa Program?

If the investment comes from a designated Canadian venture capital fund, you must secure a minimum investment of $200,000.

If the investment comes from a designated Canadian angel investor group, you must secure a minimum investment of $75,000.

You don’t need to secure a financial investment from a business incubator. You must be accepted into a Canadian business incubator program.


• 5 years’ pilot program commence on April 1st 2013

• Economic prosperity and growing job market

• Safe living environment, highest standard of living

• Multicultural society that promotes freedom of expression, equal rights and respect for diversity

• High quality subsidized education

• Advanced health and welfare systems

• Opportunity to sponsor your family relatives who want to immigrate to Canada

• Immediate permanent residence for successful applicants

• Right to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years of permanent residence



• An intention to settle in Canada with the goal of establishing a business there • Have acquired training and occupational skills

• The applicant and family members must be in good health and have no criminal record

• The applicant must demonstrate that they are innovative immigrant investors who will create jobs and spur economic growth

• Must meet strict eligibility requirements in terms of 3rd party commitment to the venture, Language skills, education and funds

• Applicant and dependents must pass a medical examination



To be eligible to receive a startup visa for a business venture the applicant must meet some key requirements

• Obtain a commitment from designated entities:

• Business incubator confirming that the applicant’s business is currently participating in or has been accepted into its business incubator program, or

• Angel investor group confirming that it is investing at least CAD 75,000 in the applicant’s business; or

• Venture Capital Fund confirming that it is investing at least CAD 200,000 in the applicant’s business

• The applicant must hold at least 10% of the shares in the business and no other person or entity may hold more than 50% of the shares

• The applicant must meet a minimum of level 5 in the Canadian Language Benchmark Test in English or French, in speaking, reading, listening, and writing

• The applicant must have successfully completed at least 1 year of post-secondary education

• The applicant must show that he/she has enough funds to support himself/herself and any dependents after they arrive in Canada

Skilled Workers Visa

Skilled Workers


Skilled Workers (Express Entry) - Candidates A:

  • Age: Under 35 years old

  • Education: Bachelor degree, but preferably a second post secondary education as well, like Masters

  • Experience: At least 3 years of skilled work experience (the work experience does not have to relate to the education)

  • English: IELTS General level: R, S, W: 7 and L: 8

  • Processing time: Less than 1 year

Skilled Workers (Express Entry) - Candidates B (only for those from countries that are members of WTO): 


Must be an employee or owner of a business and that business is willing to open a branch/affiliate/subsidiary in Canada

  • Age: Any

  • Education: Bachelor degree or more

  • Experience: At least 3 years of skilled work experience (the work experience does not have to relate to the education)

  • English: IELTS General level: R, S, W, L: 6 

  •  * Set-up a business and get a work permit. a single person applicant or with dependents

  • Processing time: Less than 2 years

    *Set-up a business includes 1) Name registration, 2) Incorporation, 3) Business plan, 4) Office address for 12 months

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