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 Italy Halves Minimum Investment of

“La Dolce Visa” to 250,000

or EUR +300,000 Property Investment (Aosta Valley Municipal Project)


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Your guaranteed route to La Dolce Vita


Join us as we sip Italian coffee at iconic bars in Aosta Valley's 1,400-meter-high village to share life-changing stories. Your dream as an artist and digital nomad at the Residence of artists Ô in northern Italy!
And you can also integrate children or a spouse who will accompany you. You are flexible, financially independent and ready to move.

How to extend your stay, benefit from a residence permit and continue to work?


Italian Golden Visa 'La Dolce Vita' targets people with larger assets to make a specific investment, either through government bonds or buying property, and in exchange, the individual and their family will be granted citizenship or residency and all the rights that go with it.
These initiatives are very popular, especially for people who have no other means of immigrating to the country of their choice but have the money to “buy” their entry.

buy at least 2 million euros of government bonds; or invest at least €500,000 in equity instruments of an Italian company based in Italy or €250,000 in the case of a start-up; or contribute at least 1 million euros in philanthropic funds supporting projects of public interest in the field of culture, education, immigration, scientific research, enhancement of cultural goods and landscapes .
So which one looks like the best option?


Did you know to obtain the family residence as Italian Golden Visa 'Dolce Vita' investor in Italy?

The artists' residence Ô, Aosta Valley leads you through the course of artistic life with the permanent support of associative services.


Let's dive into what that means.
You can invest in private or public companies, such as an Italian energy company for example, or a well-established entity where your money is relatively safe. Or, if you have a higher risk tolerance, you can find a private investment company.
If your investment threshold is lower, you can invest a minimum of 250,000 in a start-up, but finding those companies to invest in is more difficult and probably much riskier. Most people choose an established business where their investment will be safe and will provide them with a return. There are companies and investment companies that will help you choose the best investment for you, but be careful because there are also many misrepresentations designed to lure you in and take your money. 

The investor visa will grant you an Italian residence permit. Once you've found the right investment, you're ready to apply.
The Investors Visa is valid for an initial two (2) years and can be renewed for another three (3) years and again for as long as you maintain the investment.   

And what is artist status for the family residence? The qualification of world renowned artists in Italy? The association Ô will respond to you in real time in collaboration with a global network of lawyers and immigration professionals.


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Hyong-jin KWON, founder of Residence of artists Ô and author of 'the professional activities of foreign artists in France' in 1993. Chief editor of 'Global Citizenship magazine' distributed at 'investment migration' fairs and conferences as official media partner 

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SKYDOG to Global Mobility ! 

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French Castle Golden Visa 
'Talent Passport' scheme investor program EUR +300,000

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