Could this be the best EB-5 Visa project in America?

The Seattle Innovation Center

- 900.000 USD -


This exciting new commercial development project, currently well under construction in downtown Seattle, offers EB-5 investors USA permanent residency opportunity with a stable, proven investment in an excellent marketplace

The Seattle Innovation Center is a strong EB-5 investment opportunity that covers all the bases

  1. USCIS Exemplar approval of the project business plan December 2017

  2. Conservative EB-5 share of capital stack and approved TEA

  3. Well-respected and proven developer, Martin Selig

  4. 30-year tenant, WeWork, signed lease for 100% of building space

  5. Strongappraisalforreturnofinvestment

  6. Substantialjobcountsurplus

  7. Completion guarantee for repayment of EB-5 loan

  8. 23 EB-5 investors have received their I-526 approval as of February 1, 2019

Seattle Innovation Center is already 100% leased to the $20 billion global firm WeWork

  • 100% of the Seattle Innovation Center space is leased to WeWork for 30 years

  • WeWork is a global powerhouse with a $20 billion market valuation and growing

  • The center will hold WeWork businesses in 9 levels of office space and WeLive businesses in 22 residential floors

Heading 5

Columbia International Finance – True Life Companies – Fund 1


CIF TLC Fund 1 offers an investment into data-driven strategic real estate projects that transform underutilized commercial property into new residential communities in high-demand/low-supply markets.

Offering Summary

  • $5,000,000 fund offered to investors until 6/1/19

  • $50,000 minimum individual investment

  • Three-year term of investment

  • 15% targeted annual return payable at the end of the 3-year term

  • Investments spread across 10 TLC projects to stabilize risk

  • Investors must be accredited per SEC/FINRA guidelines

  • Offered by Columbia International Finance through The True Life Companies

CIF Life Insurance Investment 

U.S Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals

Owners of U.S.-based life insurance seek to take advantage of the tax-favored benefits that it provides, both during their lifetimes and at their passing. 


Non-U.S. citizens are actively establishing U.S.-based life insurance policies as investment vehicles in which the underlying cash values are protected from principal loss, and can grow from U.S. income and capital gains tax. 

It structured properly, the cash values can be accessed without triggering tax and enjoyed during their lifetime. Ultimately the policies will pay a death benefit, allowing insureds to shift wealth, income and estate tax-free, to future generations in an asset-protected environment.  

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